Happy New Year Greetings! Thank you for being a part of the Depth Psychology Alliance community.

On this first day of a new year, our thoughts naturally turn to how the upcoming year might be different from the last. I hope depth psychology plays a huge part in how your life might be transformed in a good way in coming months.

Here are some exciting opportunities to spark transformation in your life via these upcoming Depth Psychology Alliance-sponsored events available in January. Check them out--or just stop by to read new blog posts, watch new videos, or join in the discussion.

Starts NEXT Wednesday, JANUARY 6: 

Cultivating Poetic Sensibility in a Wired World: A 4-week interactive course with depth psychologist Robert Romanyshyn, Ph.D., poet Brian Tracy, & Bonnie Bright, Ph.D.

In this 4-week online course, Robert, Brian, and Bonnie will discuss technology, ecology, poetry, and dreams, and identify ways to creatively engage with all life has to offer when one is willing to surrender to poetic sensibility.


Tuesday, January 5: FREE

Crafting Your Calling: A Depth Psychology Alliance Pollinator™ Pane... led by Dorene Mahoney, M.A.,  including Kim Hermanson, Ph.D., Audra Miller, M.A. more...

This free event will center on ideas for extending depth psychology in the world, creating or building your practice, business, or service offering, and discussing individual and collective needs of the community to take depth psychology "to the streets"

Thursday, January 7: FREE

Webinar: Archetypal Nature—with Gary S. Bobroff, M.A.

Free visual and interactive introduction to Archetypal Nature - a modernization of the unconscious polarities introduced by Toni Wolff

Tuesday, January 12: FREE

Depth Alliance "Deep Meet and Greetwith Mark Sipowicz, M.A. and Donna May, M.A., LMFT

Free online mixer and social gathering for connecting and conversing with likeminded others, engaging in ceremony, and sharing stories. Everyone welcome

Thursday, January 14

Transform Your Metaphoric Story for the New Year: A Depth Psycholog... with Kim Hermanson, Ph.D.

Learn to activate powerful creative capacities that reach beyond the ordinary and transform your future

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