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The Art of Transformation: Images, Dreams, and Alchemy—An Interview with Jungian Analyst, Stanton Marlan

For Stanton Marlan, a Jungian analyst and author of the iconic tome, The Black Sun: The Alchemy and Art of Darkness, his interest in alchemy may be traced in some part to his childhood stone collection. As a…


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The Way of the Wild Feminine

The map of the psyche and the map of the world are drawn from the same story: The deeply rooted myth of a separate, independent, and autonomous self. The 5,000 year old story we live by is a story of fragmentation, estrangement, alienation from each other, from Nature and from the vast mystery and beauty of our own wild souls. It is a patriarchal story, too narrow, sterile, shallow for any of us to thrive. When we welcome the wild and sacred Feminine archetype into consciousness, and include…


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Interview—Counseling and Community Mental Health: A Soul-Based Calling

In his senior year of college, Minh Tran, a “first and a half” generation Vietnamese immigrant who moved to the U.S. as a child, started volunteering community organizations doing lay counseling work. When Tran began to pay attention, he realized he was ready to make the leap from working with community-based organizations to formally pursuing a counseling degree with a depth…


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Trauma and the Soul: Psychoanalytic Approaches to the Inner World—An Interview with Donald Kalsched

We are all more or less traumatized, affirms Donald Kalsched, a Jungian analyst and trauma specialist who wrote Trauma and the Soul. Kalsched avows that reality confronts us with “things that break our hearts,” noting that there’s also a huge amount of unacknowledged terror in all of us.

Nightmares can be an effort by the psyche to help us…


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Arrival: How the Feminine Saves the World

Life in the 21st century is challenging for all of us. We are living in a globally interdependent world, where time has accelerated, learning challenges are constant, and it is difficult to keep up with the pace of change and not feel overwhelmed. On top of that, physicists tell us…


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Finding the Gold in the Mud: Integrity is the key to Individuation

I will never forget the day that I was presented to the concept of integrity. It was early in my analysis. For several years, I had been tipping toeing around a core issue. That morning, I woke up resolved to come clean about a nasty and unpleasant side of myself – or at least that is what I thought. As I climbed the rickety old wood stairs leading to my analyst’s 3rd floor office, the shame intensified with each step. By the time, I sat in the chair, I needed to muster all my courage to…


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Silenced Voices, Story Telling, and Sacred Lives: A Call for People-Powered Truth in “Unholy” Times of Racism and Cultural Violence

Society has short-term memory and is silent on issues of identity, says David Ragland, Ph.D., Co-founder and Co-director of The Truth Telling Project. Racism and causes of police violence are historical, are deeply rooted in our society, and are even an aspect of intergenerational trauma.  …


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Synchronous Soul Seeds . . .

Unexpected life circumstances, synchronous events, hold seeds of growth. Opening our eyes to the possibilities that surround us daily can startle us as events and encounters take us by surprise. They soulfully speak to us. They, in a split second or over time, tell us something we need to know. And, it all happens without planning or expectation.

Once we're aware of this, we can tap into vital experiences. They nourish the soul. Answers to problems can come…


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The Poetic Language of the Soul


I had the following dream in my twenties:

A group of us are being held hostage by several men. We all lay on the deck at the front of a cottage in the middle of a field. The men sit inside watching us. We have to jump up and catch a transistor flying through the air when no one is looking to gain our freedom. I do this and am released. I walk toward the woods.

Dreams come for the benefit of the soul, not the mind. They speak in the soul’s…


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Peace Corps Meets Pacifica: Cultivating, Counseling, and Stories from Cameroon

The first thing Courtney McCubbin did when she landed in Cameroon for the Peace Corps was start a tree nursery, which then required her to build a fence around it to protect it from rodents. Once she began getting…


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I enjoy and make use of a great many of the ideas of Carl G Jung. And I cannot confidently say whether the current Jungian ideas I have issues with are ideas Jung would have espoused, or merely the interpretation of his ideas by other people. But, I wish to raise some issues I have with views expressed by a number of people I know who identify themselves as Jungians. I do because I see how things relating to the conscious existence of humans can so easily be muddled and obscured by our…


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Barry’s Blog # 205: Funny Guys, Fake News and Gatekeepers

I’m just a comedian. – Jon Stewart

This is a revised and updated version of a blog I posted in early 2013. I enjoyed watching Jon Stewart preaching to the choir as much as anyone. However, I never expected any authentic, radical commentary from him, for three reasons. First, the fact that he never mentioned the Israeli/Palestinian conflict (regardless of whether Republicans or Democrats were in office) indicated the limits of his criticism of American policies that have been…


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Paradoxical Nature of Beliefs

Beliefs are curious things;  we make them up and they form the bedrock of how we live our lives. They form the structure of our complex. 

This blog post covers the source of our beliefs and how hard it is to find them. 

Read more 

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The Power of Self-Actualization Revealed by Historical African-American Leaders

One of the benefits of depth psychological traditions is that they can be applied to understanding what it means to be a self or soul in this world, and to think about others who have led the way. “We stand on the shoulders of so many giants,” insists William James Jones, who completed his dissertation research on the process of…


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Ego in Fast-Forward

"Though the ego is only one complex of associations in the psyche, it has evolved as a coordinator: what it is drawn to as an object of attention will be where and how its energy is applied. These motives are based on unconscious processes, and only by turning conscious attention to them can we find deeper meaning and purpose beyond the preconceptions of ego and its one-sided, paradoxical intentions." -- …


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The Problem of Nietzsche’s Antichrist

The problem of Nietzsche’s Antichrist

John Brusseau

Nietzsche’s error is in thinking that a morality derived from the herd instinct is the origin of…


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Jesus as the Individuation of the Self

"Handing him over to the authorities with a kiss, Judas initiates Jesus' individuation journey. Each individuation journey begins with what seems like a betrayal. A religion you once believed wholeheartedly crumbles beneath your feet. A heart attack, or cancer, or major illness falls upon you. A marriage you thought was forever suddenly dissolves. Your children leave the house, begin their own lives, and you are faced with your own isolation and existential aloneness. This can often…


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