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Relationships That Sustain

So often we look at how relationships trip us up. It’s easy to overlook how they also sustain us. If we are isolated, without meaningful connection and intimacy, we’re tripped up in life. If we have that one other person who knows us and wants to continue to know us, we’re wealthy and very much in the midst of finding our way.

Dreams speak to us of relating. Our inner life is reflected in the quality of our outer relationships. A person dreamed of having sex with a foul human being.…


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Holding the Tension: One Woman’s Journey from Immigrant to Therapist—Interview with Naris Kesheshe

Sharing my newest audio interview and summary article:

Part of the challenge for Naris Kesheshe, who immigrated from Iran to the U.S. when she was 13, was her desire to maintain her original cultural identity and roots, while at the same time living in a society that held very different values. 

When she ultimately discovered …


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Dreams, Calling, Suffering, and Individuation: Finding Light in the Darkness

It may be all too easy to get stuck when we perceive the patterns of ecological destruction and political conflict we are witnessing these days, and to feel disquiet and even grief about what's happening in the world around us. A lot of people are suffering because they don't know what to make of what's going on in the culture and on the planet, and they feel powerless to do anything about it. We are affected by daily news about the extinction of species, loss of life, and…


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Wild Soul Resurrection: When Women Rise Rooted

Last week I visited a favorite “soul’s place of resurrection”, hiking the Tennessee Valley trail in Marin County to the beach. Author Sharon Blackie defines such a place as one where a soul is happiest on earth and, at the same time, most in touch with all that is eternal. It was a magical, breathtaking clear sky day where I watched a blue heron stand poised, present, patient at the edge of the blackwater pond spotted with bright green islands of plants. The water broke and rippled as an…


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Barr's Blog # 2010-212: The Dionysian Moment. Trump Lets the Dogs Out, Parts Five-Seven of Seven

Part Five

The Local Level: Policing in America

Let’s clear up one issue quickly. If mental illness (you know, the old “single shooter” trope) were the sole cause of these actions, people from all over the political spectrum would be committing them. Instead, it is the radical right that consistently enacts them. And we should also acknowledge that people with mental illness are much more likely to be victims than perpetrators of violent…


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Barry’s Blog # 206-209: The Dionysian Moment. Trumps Lets the Dogs Out, Parts One-Four of Seven

Part One

…Shall in these confines with a monarch’s voice

Cry ‘Havoc,’ and let slip the dogs of war;

That this foul deed shall smell above the earth

With carrion men, groaning for burial.

– Shakespeare, Julius Caesar


So if you see somebody getting ready to throw a tomato, 

knock the crap out of ’em, would you? Seriously. Okay? 

Just knock the hell…I…


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Dionysus as God of Drama, Psychology, and Transdisciplinarity: Depth Psychology and the Arts

Sharing a summary article of a talk by Susan Rowland, Ph.D., at the "Response at the Radical Edge: Depth Psychology for the 21st…


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Cauldron of Knowledge

There is a Celtic legend called the Cauldron of Changes that you can read on the website, Chalice Centre. I would like to discuss one aspect of this story that pertains to the knowledge of Soul and its transformative effects on human…


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Examining the Archetype of Spirit

Bald-headed Old Man, by Rembrandt

What we colloquially call the human "spirit," is among the archetypes of the unconscious. Jung says the spirit archetype usually appears in dreams as a "wise old man," who gives "decisive convictions, prohibitions, and wise counsels" (Jung 214). This motif also shows up "in dreams in the guise of…


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What Matters Most . . .

Last night my wife, Kate and I were watching a television series we've come to enjoy, Jack Taylor. He's an Irish detective, a rogue rough-and-tough guy. He lives hard, barely gets by, but has some real depth to him He quoted Emerson saying that what matters most is not the past or the future but what's inside a person.

Kate and I…


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Is Consciousness The Same As Soul?

Plate from …

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Dreaming as Response: The Global Dream Initiative

When you work with dreams from an animated point of view, notes Stephen Aizenstat, who pioneered the process of DreamTending, it brings the dream to life. When one comes into a relationship with the image, it allows the image its own innate intelligence, and it can speak to us what it knows.

Through this process, we develop a community of soul figures which become…


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Latest Post from

One of the best stories from the Land of Nowhere concerning the rainbow is the Norse saga of Bifröst. Bifröst is the bridge that links Asgard, the home of the gods, with Midgard, the world of humans. The gods traverse Bifröst on horseback, moving between earth and heaven. The Rainbow Bridge…


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The Core Complex of a Traumatized Psyche—Article & Free Audio of a Keynote by Jungian Donald Kalsched

Trauma is an injury to our capacity to feel. When our capacity to feel is injured, we cease to be able to imagine, because imagination depends on emotional literacy, says Dr. Donald Kalsched, who for 20 years has been crafting a model of the dissociating psyche.

This model describes various unconscious archetypal powers arranged in a dynamic system of defense that…


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Touching the Soul of the World: A Mythological and Soulful View of Chaotic Times—Free Audio Download

  When there is wounding in our culture, there is wounding to the of the world. Many may be feeling “world weary” at this moment in our modern world, but this mood of despair has happened before, suggests mythologist . A distortion in the culture, whenever it occurs, weighs on everyone in the culture—but people…


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The Art of Transformation: Images, Dreams, and Alchemy—An Interview with Jungian Analyst, Stanton Marlan

For Stanton Marlan, a Jungian analyst author of the iconic tome, The Black Sun: The Alchemy Art of Darkness, his interest in alchemy may be traced in some part…


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The Way of the Wild Feminine

The map of the psyche and the map of the world are drawn from the same story: The deeply rooted myth of a separate, independent, and autonomous self. The 5,000 year old story we live by is a story of fragmentation, estrangement, alienation from each other, from Nature and from the vast mystery and beauty of our own wild souls. It is a patriarchal story, too narrow, sterile, shallow for any of us to thrive. When we welcome the wild and sacred Feminine archetype into consciousness, and include…


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Interview—Counseling and Community Mental Health: A Soul-Based Calling

In his senior year of college, Minh Tran, a “first and a half” generation Vietnamese immigrant who moved to the U.S. as a child, started volunteering community organizations doing lay counseling work. When Tran began to pay attention, he realized he was ready to make the leap from working with community-based organizations to formally pursuing a counseling degree with a depth…


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Trauma and the Soul: Psychoanalytic Approaches to the Inner World—An Interview with Donald Kalsched

We are all more or less traumatized, affirms Donald Kalsched, a Jungian analyst and trauma specialist who wrote Trauma and the Soul. Kalsched avows that reality confronts us with “things that break our hearts,” noting that there’s also a huge amount of unacknowledged terror in all of us.

Nightmares can be an effort by the psyche to help us…


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