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It has been many years that I am interested in both Mysticism and Depth Psychology; have read many book and have followed some Seminars, Workshops, and done personal study in these areas. I am especially interested in the "soul" "prayer" "spirituality" "contemplation" and how these are connected to and relate to whole person's maturing process into the Cosmic Christ. I
It is hoped that through my input as we as a certain limited interaction with members, that my humble contribution will benefit someone on DPA and further understanding of the workings of the unconscious, the mystical upon the whole person.

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At 11:45am on January 19, 2015,
klemens swib

Wow you raise some interesting thoughts. My biggest reaction was to your line, "That sanity is in being an idiot!"... and it turned all the lights on. Dostoevsky somewhat unsuccessfully tried to write a [chrisitan??} contextualized phenomenlogy of the Idiot in his novel entitled the Idiot. I suspect his book was the christian variation of the idiot.

I haven't read that particular book for over 40 years but do have a general if unwritten field theory of Dostoevsky in my mind......So i will let my imagination carry me onwards from here.... The idiot could just as easily be rendered as the fool. In my mind I envisage the fool as being the prototype for individuality itself. Promethues/epimetheus was the titanic equivalent of the fool. Forethought and lack of forethought. I believe the lack of forethougtht is the first mover in the fools itineray... Foolishness or individuality ...the fool leads us off into the unknown and or resolves to deal with insoluble questions emanating from the unknown... the idiot goes first but the promethian element of the concept of the fool follows afterwards and learns from the epimethian foolishness. How else do we approach the unknown but as fools not knowing the way. Let's leap forward to the Olympian version of the Promethian/epimethian construct. And there you find Hephaistos a complete idiot if there ever was one. Who else in their right mind would leave the secure confines of the herd and singlehandedly create his own individual solution to life and its problems. Who in their right mind would totally challenge the authority and power of his mother Hera.... and win... or what about the fool marrying aphrodite and expecting her to be faithful. and the fool triumphed over aphrodite in the end..Hephaistos foolish behavior was cause of much merriment amongst the Olympians. But Individuality has its strengths as well and Hephaistos renoun as a craftsman was renowned in the Olympian realm. Swinging back to dostoevsky i would suspect...we are only imagining here....... his fool is the christian fool trying to make sense of the Christian civilization/mileau that he encounters. Whereas in hindsight his solution as embodied in the Brothers Karamazov is the forethought that follows the idiots foolish foray into the heart of the christian mileau...the unknown/unsaid/uninterpreted element of the christian civilization which contains us.. 

I  agree with the tenor of your following thoughts .. i only added my own prologue to them ...

"all is idiocy!  That sanity is in being an idiot!  That pomposity is so evident in many instances; and humility of failure so true and real, without all the fantasy!  Sorry about the seeming judgmental words!  But, it seems that one way or another, each writer/in-depth inquirer of the "unknown" is at once seeking a TRUTH, revealed but not yet known?  concluding that the SILENCE of not-knowing or having the solution to the problems approached in one's life/ or the question of LIFE in general is met not only in the inquiry, but in the letting go of the inquiry, and simply living LIFE, gratefully!"

I would like to add that dostoevsky as the psychologist of our christian civilization wrote the problematical phenomenology of the offspring of our christian culture and civilization. I will leave it there or it will take me a book to explain my intuition...Minds without content prefer to focus on the form of expression. you obviously are more interested in ideas than in form. 

At 10:03am on January 19, 2015,
klemens swib

Thank you for taking an interest in one of my postings. I posted a number of posts on this topic on the thread you refer to and some of the others. Dostoevsky had faith. Well at least he did after Crime and Punishment. Jung inherited a lack of faith from his father who was a pastor and who was no longer graced with the ability to believe in the precepts of his religion. Jung became the modern man in search of a soul. In the end he answered the question of do you believe in God with words to the effect of I don't believe there is a God... I know .. I know there is a God. Dostoevsky was the great psychologist of modern christian civilization and Jung was the greatest psychologist of the soul. That is my story and I'm sticking to it. 

At 6:59pm on August 18, 2014, Mark Sipowicz said…

Greetings Sister Helen and welcome to the online depth psychology community. It's great you've found us! 

As you may know, we currently have over 3300 members from all over the world. I hope as you explore the community a bit you find a dynamic group of like-minded people who are all deeply drawn by the field of depth psychology. While there are many Jungian analysts and clinical psychologists here, our members come from many walks of life--artists, writers, doctors, healing professionals, counselors, students, business people, etc--so there is much cross-disciplinary knowledge and experience here to be shared.

We recommend that to get started, you personalize your profile photo by going to your "My page" and rolling your cursor over the default C.G. Jung image. This gives you the option to switch it to a person picture. As well, there are many opportunities to engage as you browse the site. When you're ready to jump in, please feel free to post a topic for discussion in the forum, respond to another member's post, or share a link to an article or web site you like. 

Here are a few quick links to front page items that may be of interest to you. The Multimedia Library contains talks, videos and articles that may be of interest to you. The Depth Insights e-zine has articles, poetry, and images from past issues. And, then we have the Events page which contains calls for papers, upcoming conferences, and workshops. Dr. Craig Chalquist is hosting a Certificate in Applied Mythology co-sponsored by the Depth Psychology Alliance.

You can also weigh in on the weekly depth discussions by clicking the image and quote at the top of the home page. And here's a link to help you navigate the site for your convenience.

Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions. I look forward to seeing you around the community.



Mark Sipowicz, Board Member

"Dwell as near as possible to the channel in which your life flows."  --Henry David Thoreau 

Mark Sipowicz, Jungian Rites of Passage Guide
MA Depth Psychology
Board Member of the Depth Psychology Alliance
Wilderness Guides Council member
Boulder, CO 

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