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Nottingham, UK
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I am an certified Hypnotherapist and Psychosynthesis Life Coach.
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After surviving a near-fatal winter mountaineering fall in 2001 I set about deepening my motivations and behaviours. This has led me to undertake personal therapy. I've now been running a successful NLP life coaching and hypnotherapy practice in the heart of Nottingham for several years now, so the next natural step is to combine and augment the life coaching with a transpersonal element, through training as a Psychosynthesis Life Coach.

By joining the community I hope to share ideas and experiences, relating to depth psychological theory and practice.
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Musings on Recent Synchronicities: the New Horizons Fly-By and 'Pluto as Crucible of Soul-Making'

Posted on September 28, 2015 at 9:26am 0 Comments

As a coach/guide who is in the process of integrating (as and when appropriate) evolutionary astrology into working with people through their Saturn and Uranus-oriented life transitions, a recent awakening of my own occurred on holiday. I was at sea, relaxing with the gentle rocking of the Mediterranean ocean as the ship swayed and dipped with the waves. I thought this a timely metaphor of the nature of individual Souls as part of the vast sea of the…


The Tarot and Individuation

Posted on January 14, 2012 at 10:10am 2 Comments

For those interested in exploring the Tarot in the context of Depth Psychology, I've two very worth-while texts:…


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At 3:18pm on January 5, 2012, Ed Koffenberger said…

Keep me informed about the Tour de France possibility and I'll send it around to my friends, etc.

At 12:07pm on January 5, 2012, Ed Koffenberger said…

My sister lives in Somerset, so a meeting might just be able to happen, but I'll let you pick the pub.

At 11:15am on January 5, 2012, Ed Koffenberger said…

Thanks for sharing your story. Mine comes out of a lifetime of having visions and feeling more affirmed by nature than by fellow human beings. The visions I quickly held to myself feeling that such would not be understood, no other child spoke of them. My love of nature came as a response to a need for emotional affirmation and I found that far easier to experience in the forest than in the home or classroom.

The "change agent" for me was cancer and a vision while in the hospital. I was in my 20's when the doctor came into my hospital room and said that tomorrow I would be tested and the results could range from, its going to be okay to my needing to get "my affairs in order." In that I was going through the beginnings of a divorce, my "affairs" were far from being able to be put in order.

I remember leaning back on the hospital bed after the doctor left and everything went black. Not a starry night black but a true, absolute darkness. I remember thinking that I should be scared, feeling an existential angst at the nothingness of life, but I felt nothing like that. The darkness was warm and inviting. I then realized that it was like the darkness when you close your eyes while being hugged by a loved one. A full-body melding. God/the universe/Psyche/Soul was holding me close and telling me that no matter what the end result of the tests might be, I was going to be fine. I "woke" with a peace that has very rarely reappeared since.

It was the early teachings of the many "layers" of nature, seen and unseen, that afforded me a better understanding that the "vision" I had just had, along with my earlier visions, only affirmed that the internal world was just as multilayered as the external world. From then on my path has lead down several paths exploring these levels of being. Depth psychology is the most recent path.

So, there ya' go. 

Happy New Year to you.


At 12:55pm on January 3, 2012, Bonnie Bright said…

Hi Richard. Happy new year, and welcome to the online depth community.Thanks for reaching out and I, too, am fascinated with the ways in which depth psychology can be integrated into more traditional models (actually it's funny to say it that way because I subjectively think of depth psychology as the model that is traditional!). My apologies for being so late to connect with you. I just got slammed over the holidays with some hard and fast writing deadlines along with launching the book club. So glad you managed to get your profile photo changed and you seem to be making your way around the site a bit. I know it can be overwhelming.

Meanwhile, I very much look forward to meeting you--it would be wonderful to see you in Assisi! No doubt we'll find a way to connect in person somehow. I'm actively working on ideas to launch both Alliance web events as well as in-person meetups in various regions.

Meanwhile, I hope you're finding much to engage with as you browse the vast content and interact with others. You may want to consider joining the new online book club if you haven’t already—it’s just begun (with a new author each month!)—and you can participate at whatever level you wish. Meanwhile, it looks like you're managing fine, but in case you need detailed help on getting started and navigating the site, please use the following link-- --and please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions--I'll try to respond more promptly. Regards!~Bonnie Bright, Founder

At 1:48pm on December 23, 2011, Ed Koffenberger said…

Welcome Richard,

Amen to your comment about all applications of depth psychology not lying within the analyst's office! As long as it stays there the process of cultural change may move more slowly than that forces of unconsciousness. I imagine you have told your story of the mountain fall many times, yet, when you desire, I would like to hear of it. Again, welcome and I look forward to your posts in the many blogs, forums, and groups.



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