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Lunchtime Vision Anyone?

I usually break for lunch around noon after a morning of depth psychotherapy. There’s time to quietly read, reflect, and have a period of rest and meditation. Not infrequently, a vision surfaces. In a liminal state, my brain downshifts from beta waves to alpha and theta, images and symbols from the psyche emerge.University of Pennsylvania research in sleep and chronobiology reports, "Humans are biologically programmed to sleep at night, and to take a nap in the midafternoon, though scientists…See More
Sep 19

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Paul DeBlassie III, Ph.D.

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Lunchtime Vision Anyone?

Posted on September 19, 2017 at 10:33am 0 Comments

I usually break for lunch around noon after a morning of depth psychotherapy. There’s time to quietly read, reflect, and have a period of rest and meditation. Not infrequently, a vision surfaces. In a liminal state, my brain downshifts from beta waves to alpha and theta, images and symbols from the psyche emerge.

University of Pennsylvania research in sleep and chronobiology reports, "Humans are biologically programmed to sleep at night, and to take a nap in the midafternoon, though…


Relationships That Sustain

Posted on August 15, 2017 at 8:00am 0 Comments

So often we look at how relationships trip us up. It’s easy to overlook how they also sustain us. If we are isolated, without meaningful connection and intimacy, we’re tripped up in life. If we have that one other person who knows us and wants to continue to know us, we’re wealthy and very much in the midst of finding our way.

Dreams speak to us of relating. Our inner life is reflected in the quality of our outer relationships. A person dreamed of having sex with a foul human being.…


What Matters Most . . .

Posted on July 13, 2017 at 7:51am 2 Comments

Last night my wife, Kate and I were watching a television series we've come to enjoy, Jack Taylor. He's an Irish detective, a rogue rough-and-tough guy. He lives hard, barely gets by, but has some real depth to him He quoted Emerson saying that what matters most is not the past or the future but what's inside a person.

Kate and I…


Synchronous Soul Seeds . . .

Posted on May 9, 2017 at 8:21am 3 Comments

Unexpected life circumstances, synchronous events, hold seeds of growth. Opening our eyes to the possibilities that surround us daily can startle us as events and encounters take us by surprise. They soulfully speak to us. They, in a split second or over time, tell us something we need to know. And, it all happens without planning or expectation.

Once we're aware of this, we can tap into vital experiences. They nourish the soul. Answers to problems can come…


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At 7:19am on September 24, 2015, Linda AK Thompson, PhD said…

SEPT 23, 2015 – Ecc 3:1 To Every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.

Yesterday, Paul your comment, “remembering dreams two or three times a week is a good to keep in mind, otherwise we might be finding ourselves to stay clear, and free...dream on!” struck a deep cord within me, so unfamiliar a experiential statement for me, I need to really pay attention...contemplate more as this has not been my reality.

When we consider and factor in that most child survivors, especially those with trauma amnesia [some operating from alter states], plus those of us who endured birth trauma/NDE [as I did], who have no nighttime 'dream' memory, only coma sleeps [as I now call them], due to being out-of and disembodied [walking between the worlds], and unconscious of this fact, for me until my original “rude awakening and repeated NDE’s [5 light/1dark]”; which I have been attending to in deep diving healing sojourns since 1983.

I am not Jungian trained, nor informed about the knowledge of the 'age of myth' – knowledge of the cosmos or gods, and until I joined DPA did not know what “lucid dreaming” even meant, however, I know from my own experience- this space.  I also have experienced locution states [peculiar indeed], and it is only now, while on the current ‘virtual hermitage’ I created for myself, where I am seeking to understand my current worn [not worn out], soul states/experiences I have known [unable to verbalize], until now.  

There may be a chance for me to understand more as I explore the lives of mystic women.

Currently, I am looking most deeply into states of the unconscious, sub-conscious and consciousness now that I am embodied, knowing there are other human beings who have also had “restrengthening/awakening of 6 – 10th senses related to cosmos energy.

And this is where I am/sense in this moment and contemplate this morning.  Thank you always for open the doors of communication for our community to engage in discussion of anomalous experience.  I am appreciative and remain grateful for your lovingkindness.  Peace + Love Linda

At 11:49am on September 21, 2015, Linda AK Thompson, PhD said…

Good afternoon Paul - so true and glad the cowboys shared their songs + stories.  A very important part of our history.  Because I have worked with religiously and spiritually indoctrinated and abused folks which I know you also serve and no doubt, we have probably witnessed common post-abuse anomalous experiences that these folks experience, for which I got educated walking roads less travelled with them and all I can say Paul is I am so grateful for my faith and blessings in my private life and it goes  without saying - my relationship, divine blessings received from God, Lord Almighty during my NDE's - especially with this population the importance of being able to discern both the holy and unholy as your novel portrayed so well.

I had no problem recovering from the read and it was only disturbing for I recall the names of the people I have served who unfortunately sent through similar stories of evil deeds for all kinds of reason disturbed minds can create.

Hope you are having a beautiful day.  Peace + Love Linda

At 11:35pm on September 6, 2015, Linda AK Thompson, PhD said…

Good evening Paul - I enjoyed reading your novel for your command of prose was well done.  However, such a disturbing topic, in light of the fact that I too have served people in healing of similar experiences, this is not a topic I normally would select for the pleasure and reading enjoyment.  It is important for those of us who help with the healing in such case scenarios to keep our free time void of reading about the degree of shadow, darkness - the evil and keep it clear of our precious, free time away.  

However, out of respect for you and your contributions to DPA [love your Blog posts], plus your request for me to read and render my thoughts - I was able to get through it.

Many blessings extended to you for service to you provide to survivors of religious abusive experiences. I am fortunate to know you.  Peace + Love Linda


At 8:07am on August 4, 2015, Linda AK Thompson, PhD said…

Good morning Paul - today I was able to purchase your book and look forward to reading your works.  Have a nice day.  Peace + Love Linda

At 7:34am on July 5, 2015, Linda AK Thompson, PhD said…

Thanks Paul and I am glad we are reconnected.  Love your Blog Posts.  Peace + Love Linda

At 5:10pm on July 4, 2015, Linda AK Thompson, PhD said…

Hi Paul - I used to receive your Blog Posts as soon as you posted them, then they stopped coming.  Can you please put me back on your posting list?  Glad you are feeling better and back sharing your inspirations with us.  Peace + Love Linda

At 6:13pm on October 13, 2012, Linda AK Thompson, PhD said…

Hi Paul - thanks for the invite and being my first on-line friend'. Bonnie is a given. Regards Linda

At 7:07am on June 1, 2011, Bonnie Bright said…

Hi Paul: Welcome to the online Depth community.I spent a good part of last summer doing some fieldwork in New Mexico, visiting pueblos, spending time in nature, and connecting with members of the Jungian community there.

I think you'll find many like-minded individuals who are seeking to connect and share in meaningful discussion here in this unique place. I hope you'll engage here right away by sharing a link, article, or web site that has been meaningful to you in your work--or by commenting on someone else's post, or asking a question. These are just some ideas to get you started. I will also send you some additional tips on navigating the site in a separate message. I look forward to seeing you around the community. Regards~Bonnie Bright, Founder.

At 7:07am on May 31, 2011, Ed Koffenberger said…

Welcome Paul,

Your training and work as a clinical psychologist will add much to our discussions in the Alliance. As much as I love the archetypal conversations and the creativity of dreamwork and active imagination, I am always interested in the application of these concepts and practices in the "day-to-day" challenges of mental health. I look forward to your posts in our many blogs, forums, and groups.



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