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Beyond the Mask, online discussion, Gemini Rising

Started Feb 7, 2012 0 Replies

If you’re still working on Taurus Rising or have more questions on Taurus, please continue.  When you’re ready for Gemini Rising, begin reading, pp.45-60. Gemini Rising:  Mutable Air. Instinctual…Continue


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Kathleen Burt replied to Gray Crawford's discussion Mercury Retrograde in the Home of Saturn in the group Archetypal Astrology
"Another thought-provoking article, Gary, thanks.  I always enjoy Mercury's Rx journey through Capricorn; it tends to occur close to the Solstice, when our attention is turned inward. Often, lectures and articles appear on deeper topics.…"
Jan 6
Kathleen Burt replied to Gray Crawford's discussion Mercury Retrograde in Libra in the group Archetypal Astrology
"I'm finding this a very intense Mercury Rx cycle, as you mentioned, it falls between eclipses and in a Sign (Libra) where people are challenged to re-evaluate relationships.  Several older friends and clients have a close family member in…"
Sep 19, 2015
Kathleen Burt commented on Depth Alliance Board's video

What Is Depth Psychology?—Panel Discussion 2 with BoardMembers of Depth Psychology Alliance

"Thank you for this discussion.  I especially enjoyed the part on story-telling and hope that there will be a place for that on the site.  So much is gleaned from experiences and personal narratives. This was the best part of teaching…"
Jun 28, 2015
Kathleen Burt replied to Gray Crawford's discussion Mercury Retrograde in Gemini in the group Archetypal Astrology
"Thanks, Gary.  For a calmer, more peaceful retrograde, it's best not to squeeze too many errands into one day. Also, it's been my experience when lecturing on these cycles that people are more interested in topics like dreams…"
May 20, 2015
Kathleen Burt replied to Gray Crawford's discussion Saturn in Sagittarius in the group Archetypal Astrology
"Some thoughts for Saturn's last passage through Scorpio,,late June through September 19. 2015, as Saturn symbolically leaves the depths of the Unconscious and enters Sagittarius, an activist, extroverted, Conscious Sign that takes direct and…"
May 11, 2015
Kathleen Burt replied to Depth Alliance Board's discussion Join the "Depth Discussion" about Hillman's Notion of Eros & Psych — July 11, 2013
Apr 22, 2015
Kathleen Burt replied to Depth Alliance Board's discussion Join the "Depth Discussion" about Hillman's Notion of Eros & Psych — July 11, 2013
"I've been enjoying this discussion on Psyche and Eros, both from the perspective of being raised as a good Catholic girl (a background mentioned by one of the participants) and in the the Winter of  Life As Jupiter transits the Nadir of my…"
Apr 19, 2015
Kathleen Burt replied to Gray Crawford's discussion Solar Eclipse and the Equinox in the group Archetypal Astrology
"Very interesting--love the art! Eclipses that fall between the Idea of March and the Vernal Equinox are considered meaningful for the Collective, as well as individuals. Good that the North Node, which is significant for eclipses, is in Libra, ruled…"
Mar 17, 2015
Kathleen Burt replied to Gray Crawford's discussion Saturn in Sagittarius in the group Archetypal Astrology
"Yes, every day, there's something new to learn.  The President's speech tonight focuses on education (Sag) as well. "
Jan 20, 2015
Kathleen Burt replied to Gray Crawford's discussion Saturn in Sagittarius in the group Archetypal Astrology
"Excellent, Gary, thank you!  One hopes each of us will become a bit more practical as we re-formulate our goals in the House with Sagittarius on the cusp. There's plenty of  time between now and the Solstice of 2017. Saturn tempers…"
Jan 15, 2015
Kathleen Burt replied to Gray Crawford's discussion Mystery of Stillness in the group Archetypal Astrology
"Thank you appreciate your kind comment. If you're interested in Western Astrology, Bob Mulligan Jr (Naples Florida) has a correspondence course at many levels, and if you're involved with Vedic, Dennis Harness could tell you about their…"
Dec 2, 2014
Kathleen Burt replied to Gray Crawford's discussion Mystery of Stillness in the group Archetypal Astrology
"I've been thinking about Blake since Neptune first entered Pisces.  It'll be a l-o-n-g time, may we all grow in intuition and creative imagination as the transit continues!  The transit also works well with the current Scorpio…"
Oct 26, 2014
Kathleen Burt replied to Gray Crawford's discussion Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio and Libra through Eclipses in the group Archetypal Astrology
"Loved this.  Let's hope everyone isn't so enveloped  in this  introspective phase and the insights that they forget to vote in early November."
Oct 6, 2014
Kathleen Burt commented on Community Education - Alliance's event FREE Webinar with Jungian Anne Baring, author of Myth of the Goddess
"Hoping to be available, will there be a chance to hear it later if I can't make it."
Aug 8, 2014
Kathleen Burt commented on Bonnie Bright's event FREE Teleseminar: Harnessing the Power of Dreamshifting with John Perkins
":I'd ;love to hear the recording.  I had a conflict the night of the teleseminar. Thanks, Kathleen"
May 17, 2014
Kathleen Burt replied to Gray Crawford's discussion Dionysus and Pisces in the group Archetypal Astrology
"Dionysus more than any other Archetype does seem to constellate the best and worst in us as individuals, and also in the Collective. People (and nations) who've been in holding patterns for a long time are finding it difficult now to keep the…"
Feb 21, 2014

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At 4:58pm on January 17, 2012, Jai Michaell said…

ThanX for reply. I vote against word limits LOL. I'll check the program I use (IO Horoscope for Macintosh) to see what it offers in the way of progressions; I wouldn't want to study unless I could compare the study with my own current life (and past important years) to validate it. I know it does progressed charts - probably more than one system - but have never looked at that part.


The Jupiter cycle is a good choice (IMO) but I think the Uranus cycle would be - as a generalization - much more radically apparent - shakes things up more observably than Jupiter. At least that is my general experience with Jupiter vs Uranus transits.


IF i can find and dope out how to progress an ascendand in my program, I'll sign up for the cours!





At 12:58pm on January 17, 2012, Jai Michaell said…

Hello, thank you for your comment; I saw your request when we friended and answered briefly (!) with two emails. Now that I read this comment (I have difficulty navigating around here,) I realize your full response is clear that this course will be mainly progression (of the ascendant) and I know nothing about progressing a chart except from my pre-Tobey studies (the Rosecrucions I'm sorry to admit). It probably would be interesting to look into it even though Tobey clearly told me "progressions don't work" and I just trusted his decades of statistically studying them. As I indicated I have two ascendants (Taurus and Aquarius) so I'd have to learn to progress and then progress both of them to see if there is any correlation with any major life events.Transits I have found are SO accurate. Maybe I can find progressions useful too. If I take the course, my natal ascendant will be covered. Can I assume I can just apply the method you use for progressing them (a year for a degree??) on my own Secondary ascendant which would not be covered until the second half? I can see how it's impossible to teach any full system of astrology in 28 days but we will have to be taught your method for progressing the ascendant, am I right about that? Without learning the technique (say you just do it for each participant) I can't see what good it will do since it just keeps getting progressed as we age and if we don't know how, we're kind of suspended in 2012 ;-) Thanks lots. Jai

At 5:17pm on January 13, 2012, Jai Michaell said…

Hello Kathleen,


Without coming out of the blue and asking you to friend me so I can email you, I hope you don't mind if I post a question about your Feb Astrology group here. (I don't know where else to post it.)


I'm interested in your Feb class since I've studied astrology for 40 years but the truth is that I practice a completely different system of astrology entirely (one not paying attention to retrogrades/intercepted signs/etc. Still and all it's tropical geocentric not heliocentric or vedic and uses ONLY the Zenith (AKA Equal) house system. I learned it from the late, great, Carl Payne Tobey who in a mathematical stroke of genius saw a "Secondary Chart" so I have Taurus rising in my natal and Aquarius in my secondary. Both are very evident in my life and I am guessed as either one or the other (usually) by other astrologers, but discovering the Aquarius secondary ascendant back in Tucson with Carl made me go slack jawed and it explained so very much that my natal chart didn't explain (planetary positions in my secondary chart also explained a lot that was not explainable by just my natal chart.) I wouldn't want to be disruptive in your class but don't know to what extent questions and comments about how other system's might work with or conflict with yours would be welcomed or tolerated or off-point. This may be an important question since, because although Tobey trained over 800 students and was famous in his day, Tobey astrologers have pretty much died out though there are so many OTHER schools (I listened to your recording so you must be quite versed in Vedic schools ;-) and non-geocentric schools don't even have ascendants in many cases.


Also I'll be busy since it's a tax month in the USA and I have to translate for the preparers so how much time will the group require to obtain maximum benifit? I'm very excited to find this site, the book club and now your group.


Lastly I want to thank you for having your book available in Kindle format. I've downloaded the sample and will read it tonight.




Jai Michael


Also thanks for having your book in Kindle format; that enabled me to quickly download a sample to see where you are coming from.




Jai Michael

At 2:14pm on July 15, 2010, Ed Koffenberger said…
Would you be interested in joining the Jung in the South group? I'm trying to create enough interest in the South to pull together a Jugian/archetypally focused southern conference weekend. Interested?
At 1:03pm on May 5, 2010, Bonnie Bright said…
I agree completely. And having been at that stuck place myself any number of times, I can appreciate the value of getting movement toward the margins and depths. What a wonderful gift you have to offer to help people. I look forward to knowing more about your work.
At 11:58am on May 5, 2010, Bonnie Bright said…
Hi Kathleen. Welcome to the online Depth community! Your book look wonderful. I look forward to reading it sometime. I hope you will post any events you do in the calendar in the community as well. Enjoy the site!

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