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Big Pharma, Industrial-Military Complex, and Espionage

Started this discussion. Last reply by Aleksandar Malecic Aug 23, 2015. 2 Replies

Choose one or more from the title. Are they good, bad, or both? Why?Continue

Tags: military, pharma, spies, espionage, politics


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Aleksandar Malecic commented on Willi Paul's event Join “7 Days to Kick-Start Earth 2.X” - A Story Making Experiment Using a Secret Facebook Group. Invite from Willi Paul,
"I'm back. For some reason (not random, not intentional), I've been for a while a magnet for people doing some unconventional stuff and communicating with them in some way. For instance: - Applied Systems…"
Nov 7, 2015
Aleksandar Malecic commented on Geoff Berry's blog post Depth Psychology and Climate Change - adaptation is the key
""the myth-making machine" - For some reason it reminds me of the Turing Machine. Is it possible to "compute" our collective reality in a healthy and functional way without twisting anyone's arm? Or to make a decision to…"
Nov 7, 2015
Aleksandar Malecic commented on Evan Hanks's blog post Commercialism and the New Philistines
"Actually, it was also a not so subtle mention of the name ( “In 1942, Aleister Crowley, a British occultist, claimed to have invented the usage of a V-sign in February 1941 as a magical foil to the…"
Nov 7, 2015
Aleksandar Malecic commented on Evan Hanks's blog post Commercialism and the New Philistines
"“Suppose, having lived all my life among savages, a ship is cast upon the shore and wrecked. Undamaged among the cargo is a Victoria.. What is its use? The wheels speak of roads, their slimness of smooth roads, the brake of hilly roads. The…"
Nov 6, 2015
Aleksandar Malecic commented on Evan Hanks's blog post Commercialism and the New Philistines
"Evan, what is your opinion about Aleister Crowley?"
Nov 6, 2015
Aleksandar Malecic replied to Bonnie Bright's discussion A photographer edits out our smartphones to show our strange and lonely new world
"Speaking of the Red Book - I had here a "Lawnmower Man" experience with it:, a person rather than a book blurring the line between physical and digital."
Nov 3, 2015
Aleksandar Malecic commented on Willi Paul's event Join “7 Days to Kick-Start Earth 2.X” - A Story Making Experiment Using a Secret Facebook Group. Invite from Willi Paul,
"I've participated in quite a few similar experiments - some of them dead, some dying, and some relatively alive. I'll come back here when it ends and write about my impressions."
Nov 3, 2015
Aleksandar Malecic replied to Bonnie Bright's discussion A photographer edits out our smartphones to show our strange and lonely new world
"Holly, do you mean a book written by a literate person or the content those folks were seemingly staring at (pathos in Linda's words)? You don't have that empty gaze when you read a book or a well-written text. On the other hand, there is…"
Oct 30, 2015
Aleksandar Malecic added a discussion to the group New Global Mythology


Will homicidal maniacs and thieves also known as elected politicians ever be accountable? - Bill Clinton and Kosovo - When the spoils of war are human organs - Who's killing Iraqi…See More
Oct 29, 2015
Aleksandar Malecic replied to klemens swib's discussion Is Our Spirituality the Byproduct of a Bacterial Infection?
"It's an article in a hopefully serious scientific journal, but I just don't get it. It should at some point pick up ingredients from its environment ("eat") and make offspring complex enough in order to be alive (a big leap from…"
Oct 28, 2015
Aleksandar Malecic replied to Denita Benyshek's discussion Reconnecting with the Source of Artistic Expression in the group Art and Psyche
"I'm very interested in that creativity/Source stuff in terms how far an individual can go if imagination goes wild, how often imagination out of control is "bullseye". For instance, this chapter (the last one)…"
Oct 26, 2015
Aleksandar Malecic commented on Effie Heotis's blog post Halloween, Masks and Your Shadow: What’s Jung Got To Do With It?
""A lot of Christians wear crosses around their necks. You think when Jesus comes back he ever wants to see a... cross? It's like going up to Jackie Onassis wearing a rifle pendant." -"
Oct 23, 2015
Aleksandar Malecic replied to Aleksandar Malecic's discussion Sheikh Qassem Sweidan al-Janabi in the group New Global Mythology
"Bernie Sanders - Bernie the Bomber's Bad Week: The problem with Bernie Sanders:"
Oct 16, 2015
Aleksandar Malecic replied to Willi Paul's discussion “PermTrans” - It’s Time to Merge the Transition and Permaculture movements. Agenda + PDF by Willi Paul, Media in the group New Global Mythology
"You can't prove advantages of having a phone if only you have it. You can't move a system (on a merged level) into a healthier direction unless you are big enough, convince someone big or famous enough to join or say something nice about…"
Oct 10, 2015
Aleksandar Malecic replied to Willi Paul's discussion “Fight for Resiliency” - “Transitionites vs Profiteers” - A Video Game Concept for Permaculture & Transition Players. By Willi Paul, Media in the group New Global Mythology
"Folks like these are very easily moved by narratives/myths of "good old days" of an once great nation. Disbelief in institutions can go in…"
Oct 3, 2015
Aleksandar Malecic commented on Paul DeBlassie III's blog post Listening as Medicine...
"A monk once asked Jo Ju, “I have just entered the monastery. Please teach me, Master.” Jo Ju said, “Have you had breakfast?” “Yes, I have,” replied the monk. “Then,” said Jo Ju, “wash your…"
Oct 1, 2015

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Self-Referential Complex Systems and Aristotle's Four Causes

Posted on June 26, 2015 at 5:00am 0 Comments


I'm letting you know that my chapter is published in a book here:

It's heavily influenced by Jung's work and (my understanding of) active imagination both in methodology and topics, so check it out. It's called the most difficult chapter in the Preface (available for free).


Running My Arrow of Time Backwards

Posted on August 31, 2013 at 4:18am 1 Comment

Some of you are aware of it. Some people out there are also aware of it. Aware of what? I've been thinking for awhile about playing with this hypothesis: in order for us to be self-aware and even alive (free will, metabolism --> self-repair --> reproduction, strange loops, reversed entropy, self-awareness, teleology, ...), there seem to be moments when time is running backwards.

Here are some examples what someone (for instance me) would be able to achieve if the hypothesis was…


Is Synchronicity a Deal Breaker?

Posted on April 8, 2013 at 5:12am 4 Comments

Sooner or later, anyone interested in C.G. Jung will hear/read about synchronicity. In my case it was later, when I already agreed with him about many things psychological. How does one's (positive or negative) attitude about mysticism and paranormal phenomena influence people's opinion about other Jung's ideas and motivation to study him at all?

The Other Side of Depth Psychology

Posted on April 8, 2013 at 4:12am 2 Comments

I shall mention here some websites about some serious institutions and people interested in "the realization that the reductionist program in science may be reaching the stage of  diminishing returns" (, "non-linear dynamic (complex) behaviour in management" and "personal development" (, and "the significance of anticipatory…


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At 8:50am on August 31, 2014, Djordje Milosevic said…

Bolje Vas snašli. Lepo je videti da ovde ima ljudi sa našeg podnevlja.

At 6:08am on July 24, 2014, Colin Robinson said…

> How about other names for Kali? Salome from Jung's Red Book could have been as well named Kali (or so it seems to me). Also, Judith has a very bad temper because she like to behead men just like Kali and Salome. Aleister Crowley called a similar manifestation of Anima Scarlet Woman/Babalon (my older sister from dreams when I was a child was wearing red and had long dark hair). There is one more name mentioned in one of Crowley's books I shall not mention here. I'm kind of talking here about something deeply personal.

Interesting question... I've looked at quite a few of Jung's works, but not at the Red Book... Certainly the association with beheading is something the Biblical Salome and Judith have in common with Kali. 

Crowley was acquainted with India's vision of Kali, and wrote quite a long poem celebrating Kali by that name. Crowley's phrase "Beast and Babalon conjoined" corresponds to "Shivah shaktya yuktah" the words at the beginning of a Sanskrit Goddess hymn, the Saundaryalahari. The Saundaryalahari does not contain the name Kali, but Kali and Shakti are arguably synonyms.

Kali has a big range of associations in her extensive India literature. Including for instance an older and prevalent association with rainclouds. I doubt that Salome, Judith and Babalon include _all_ of Kali's attributes and associations, though there is undoubtedly much common ground. 

There is a tradition of describing Kali as the Mahadevi, the Great Goddess, implying that all feminine powers are her aspects...

At 3:54pm on July 20, 2014, Colin Robinson said…

Maureen Murdock's book isn't quite the sort of thing that interests me right now. Because I doubt that every "heroine" or "hero" has the same "journey" to make. But thanks for the link.  

At 9:46pm on July 11, 2014, sherrill anne layton said…

Hi Aleksandar. I offer a Mundial-appropriate piece. If you've seen it, it's always worth another look-see; if you haven't, enjoy!

Best for a lovely weekend,

At 2:26pm on September 16, 2013, Linda AK Thompson, PhD said…

Good afternoon Aleksandar - finally, we can communicate, privately, without a third party connector, all that hope-a-la, that good old saying from Star Wars movie comes to mind - 'May the force be with us,' and we are in the deep, so we know the forces are present. Regards Linda



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