Jungian Therapist Eva K. Rider -- On the Intersection of the Qabalah and The Tarot

This was an amazing discussion of psychological development through the years by Therapist Eva K. Rider. You can find more about Eva's classes and videos at ...

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Comment by Eva Rider on March 20, 2021 at 11:08pm
Hi Steve, I am so sorry that I had not seen your response until now. I had not visited this site in some time. Thank you for your inquiry. The cross is a symbol for matter as the horizontal and vertical cross refers time and space or spirit crucified in matter. It is also the symbol for earth, the quaternity - Fire, Air, Water and earth.
Comment by Steve Staniek on November 26, 2020 at 8:37am

Eva - Many thanks for taking us on this illumined journey, and all the wonderful information in your presentation.

I'm very curious about the use of cross symbols on the Rider deck that you used for your discussion.

As a student of the cross symbol, I've discovered a great deal of "recurring evidence" pointing to the cross [the paten cross] as the intergalactic symbol for spiritual domination. It was brought to Earth, and worn on the chests of Annunaki royals posing as deities. Their archeological records unearthed in Sumer, describe how human slaves were bioengineered from the local biped, and made to work in their mining operations here. They brought their slave culture here, and promoted it through various human leaders like Emperor Constantine, who adopted the cross as the symbol of Christian terrorism in the indigenous worlds.

Human history records the global genocide inspired by Christian gods and their power hungry script writers like Ezra, Josephus, etc..

Why do you suppose the cross symbol appears on many religiously neutral (?) Tarot cards?

For instance, the Hanged Man card positions our Fool in a suspended situation on a truncated tree, so his upward mobility has been intentionally closed, and controlled by something oppositional. His legs now form a cross which to me is a warning sign that declares: "Thou shalt not pass!".

I believe, that your interpretation that he's forming a symbolic triangle with his legs, is secondary to the stronger warning delivered by the image of the human made cross. Barring "the way" with a cross prevents passage, and the fact that human legs form the cross means that human forces are in fact barring human ascension. I believe that Jung detected the dark oppositional forces in his sojourns into the subconscious, and his crude hand drawn paten cross on the back of a mandala drawing, spoke volumes about his true fears and convictions.  

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