Free Video Class! Jung and Mythology with James Newell PhD

IN THIS ENLIGHTENING, FREE ONLINE CLASS: JUNG'S COPERNICAN REVOLUTION, James Newell, Ph.D. introduces some of the ways to understand and apply mythological patterns by viewing them through a Jungian lens.

Jung is one of the most influential figures in 20th-century Depth Psychology and his body of work has influenced countless individuals over the course of the last century. His work with myth has been nothing less than revolutionary and has countless practical applications.

This 90-minute class is an introduction to the upcoming 8-week college level course beginning March 3rd, 2018. The 8-week course starts soon, Register Now! -

MORE DETAILS OR REGISTER for the 8-WEEK College Level COURSE (Starts March 3rd, 2018) Click this link:

This 8-WEEK online course covers many essential aspects of how to apply Jung’s understanding of myth to depth psychological work, including work, active imagination, and the interpretation of symbols of the unconscious psyche.

Module 1: How mainstream academics understand myth – Saturday, Mar 3
Module 2: How Jung understood myth – Saturday, Mar 10
Module 3: How Jung used myth – Saturday, Mar 17
Module 4: Some important myths – Saturday, Mar 24
Module 5: Jungian influenced theorists, Pt. I: Joseph Campbell – Saturday, Mar 31
Module 6: Jungian influenced theorists, Pt. II: Mircea Eliade – Saturday, Apr 7
Module 7: World religions, myth, and the Axial Age – Saturday, Apr 14
Module 8: The loss of myth in contemporary culture – Saturday, Apr 21
This introductory class is followed by 8 weekly modules that introduce you to the essentials of Jungian understandings and practical uses of myth.

In the 8-week course, each weekly meeting will include a presentation and explanation of the methods being covered, a discussion and question/answer session, as well as a wealth of resources for further study available through our online learning platform.

ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR - James R. Newell, PhD, (Vanderbilt University) is an educator, counselor, personal coach, professional musician, and director of the Depth Psychology Alliance. James earned his master’s degree in Pastoral Counseling and Theology from Vanderbilt University Divinity School, with a focus on Jungian psychology. He earned his doctorate in History of Religions from the Vanderbilt University Graduate School of Religion. James teaches online courses in world religions for Central Michigan University. For the past two years he has been developing a certification program in depth psychology which has been offered through the Depth Psychology Alliance.

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TO REGISTER for the 8-WEEK College Level COURSE (Starts March 3rd, 2018):

MORE DETAILS on the course modules:

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Comment by Depth Alliance on February 28, 2018 at 2:47pm

Thanks, William!

Comment by William John meegan on February 27, 2018 at 8:17pm

You obviously know about two-thirds (2/3rd) of what MYTH is about. Yes, MYTH is all about ego-consciousness and the unconscious mind that lives on the matrix of the collective unconscious, which I know as the MATRIX OF WISDOM The matrix is projected out of the psyche AS THE OUTER WORLD.

Outside of living life instinctively on the MATRIX OF WISDOM'S primeval laws. Euphemistically, you can call that kind of existence living life in a jungle or forest of animals, which is symbolically analogous to living in New York City's concrete jungle. In that state of mind all humans are animals and they will never have any idea who they are.

The Judaeo Christian Scriptures are all about mythology. The first letter/word of Genesis: BETH is the entire bible. All else is endless commentary (vignettes) explaining psyche. This mythology teaches the initiate how the cerebral lobes of the brain were created and why the human body is formatted as it is. Bible mythoi show how and why the world was created.

That MATRIX OF WISDOM if mathematically analyzed properly will exude the secrets of the Precession of the Equinoxes: How the Ancient Astrologers learn of it. And it will solve the Olbers Paradox and reveal the Unknown God.

The first verse of Genesis: "Elohym (God) separates the heavens and the earth". Heavens symbolizes the empyrean and the earth symbolizes ego-consciousness and the unconscious mind: the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

I am not saying that knowing about mythology and how it explains the dynamics of the psyche is wrong; rather, I am saying you left out the best part of what mythology is about: i.e. you left out the WORD OF GOD.

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