Jordan Peterson: Truth in the Time of Chaos - full documentary

Psychologist and professor Jordan Peterson has come to fame, or notoriety depending on your perspective, over the last year. But many of those who found him through his criticisms of political correctness are saying they have discovered one of the world's most significant thinkers - why? Dr. Peterson is reviving Carl Jung's legacy and translating it into a message that is most significant in our Times.

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Comment by Steve Staniek on December 12, 2020 at 10:00am


Canada's Christian Magazine called "Faith Today", announced the results of their surveys in February 2019, that Canada's state religion, Christianity, imposed on indigenous nations with religious violence, and ongoing persecutions known as pogroms, is practiced by less than 49% of Canadians. Christianity is officially "in decline", a euphemism for enlightened rejection.

Despite Jordan Peterson's relentless promotion of Christian supremacy, it was in fact the academic world, of which he is tiny spec, that finally pulled the plug on the social delusions known as three Abrahamic religions, that make Yahwism. Any serious student of ancient religions will immediately recognize them as extensions of the Sumerian pantheon, [Yahweh was a Sumerian royal, and Abram was one of his priests in the Sumerian city of Ur.] This pair fled violence in Sumer to the Levant, where they started another Sumerian colony in Palestine.

History reveals that Christianity was manufactured by the most immoral men in human history, as a form of spiritual domination that would control the hearts and minds of their slaves...

  • It started with the Sumerian royal named Yahweh, a destructive storm and weapons entity, who craved an empire of his own. He made a deal with Sumerian priest-in-waiting Abram, and led his newly contracted and circumcised Hebrews down into the depravity of genocidal land theft in Jericho. This began the first colonization of Palestine, to be repeated in 1948 CE.
  • Roman paid Hebrew gospel writers like traitor Josephus and others, created and promoted false dogma to dilute, confuse, and derail the Jesus ministry.
  • Immoral religious fanatics like Saul of Tarsus [aka Paul the Heretic], who hated and persecuted early Christians, became paid Roman spies, to sabotage and hijack Jesus's shamanic ministry. The genuine apostles hated Paul and his Jewish orthodox lies.
  • In the first century CE, highly immoral Roman Emperors known as Flavians, hired Hebrew writers to create false gospels that would be used centuries later to confuse and destroy the true Jesus message.
  • In 324 CE, a deeply immoral and destructive Roman Emperor named Constantine the Conqueror, officially hijacked struggling Christianity. He ordered the creation of a "pacifying state religion" that would help control the conquered masses with a false bible that would contain mostly Roman fictions, over which he held complete editorial control. Dissenting bishops were exiled under his command. 
  • 1493, Pope Alexander VI, a deeply corrupt Borgia, issued the Bulls of Donation, that declared the indigenous worlds as subhuman and savage, and worthy of destruction and domination. Christian depravity slaughtered and enslaved thousands of indigenous nations that could not match absolute Christian violence. 
  • In 1531, English King, Henry VIII, possibly the most immoral philanderer and wife murderer in England, changed Roman Catholicism into London Anglicanism, under the spiritual inspiration of his divine penis.
  • All of the above were Supremacists, and Jordan Peterson continues to promote their social delusions as truth.

The greatest threat to Christianity, has not been paganism, false gods, or internal church corruption of the original Jesus message but Thoth's famous "use of reason" like a knife, to separate the darkness from the light, the truth from the lies, the helpful from the harmful.

Comment by Steve Staniek on November 21, 2020 at 10:54am


I'm shocked to see Jordan Peterson's toxic work discussed here with any legitimacy.

I've listened to a few interviews of white supremacist and Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson, [UofT], where he expounds on his political agenda that supports British Christian Supremacy, "shamelessly". His public political agenda is to elevate and restore the power of white supremacists in Canada. 

I live in the province of Ontario, where unfortunately, we recently elected British Christian Supremacists disguised as Progressive Conservatives led by Mr. Ford, to our provincial parliament. Jordan Peterson has been advising Mr. Ford, on dispensing with political correctness when it comes to dealing with indigenous nations, women, and immigrants. Peterson has blinded himself and others to social progress, by promoting stone age thinking and the patriarchal  religions designed to suppress our true spiritual nature and abilities.

Unfortunately, Peterson's words, work, and agenda suggest that he continues to: support, justify, and defend, what is in my opinion the biggest criminal organization to have cursed humanity, namely the British Christian Empire. History shows how it destroyed and enslaved much of the indigenous world for power and profit, under the political cover of "civilizing savage people".

As we've seen repeatedly, "civilizing" is cheap political cover for genocidal land theft and generational abuse of indigenous nations. 

British Christians proved to be far less "civilized" than their indigenous victims, when they brought their ancient culture of racial and class hatred to the Americas. In Europe, Christian nations were forced to fight over the best lands for many centuries by their "aristocratic masters", and their long history of Christian violence and domination was exported to the New World.

The British Empire is a theocracy, where the British monarch, or head of state, is also the head of the Church of England, and so the indigenous worlds were attacked and enslaved physically as well as spiritually.

After struggling through Peterson's mental masturbations in: "The Architecture of Belief", about 12 years ago, I wrote him off as a dangerous wanker.[ British slang for some who masturbates.] Listening to his arrogant defence of his own ignorance, is like watching Trump talk about COVID.

I honestly had to laugh through long sections of his book, because though he claimed to investigate, analyze, and understand the purpose of religions, he missed their real point ENTIRELY! Hundreds of pages of Peterson BS, that sound like well distilled academic ideas, turned out to be his own twisted fantasies, rather than the result of careful, unbiased studies. 

When Peterson discussed the Abrahamic religions in nauseating detail, he missed their true purpose, which is spiritual domination, because only Yahwism demands your soul as the price of admission to paradise. Biblical stories reveal that Yahweh lied about the Promised Land, because he did not own any lands. He led the Hebrews into breaking most of his commandments; thou shalt not kill, steal, covet, etc.., as he led them into genocidal land theft in Jericho. It turns out that Yahweh was/is a great deceiver, and when he promises us heaven if we surrender our souls, you can bet your life, that heaven will be replaced by hell.

Peterson's allies proclaim him to be a: "great critical thinker", not unlike Hitler's Goebels, but he fully missed the most salient point that my pedestrian mind detected, that Yahwism is a form of spiritual domination, not liberation.

Did Peterson really fail to see organized, centralized religion as a spiritual control system, or did he chose to hide it for obvious political reasons?

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