Wooing and Doing: Getting Active with all Your Relations

...Whether confronting, petitioning, courting, speaking more directly or wooing, the theme here when walking one step in front of the other into a quest for new consciousness, healing and wholeness, is that this is a relationship we are entering and engaging—and thus we proceed accordingly. So by all means introduce yourself!  Give thanks, inquire with patience, persistence, grace and humility. Perhaps with impatience?! Make a plea, offer a prayer, lament the distance you feel between yourself and her. Stomp your feet with insistence, raise your arms in surrender to his sky, throw yourself onto her body, honor your thirst for the waters of creation and crawl to her river's edge. Do what you must, say what you will, but honor and heed the reality of your relationship. This is your nature. This is our nature. You carry her nature within you. Just as she carries you, on her back, in her belly, in her bosom, on her shoulders. When we go out in a good way, with some sense of ceremony, with a plea or petition, this is a meeting of bodies, a coming together of body of self and world. Honor the truth of this meeting. Feel the push, pull, and holding of earth's body under your own. Thank this body for her support, address the questions this support raise for you. Speak the truth of your relations.

And of course, listen...to the wind and rain, the belly of the mountain and the soul of the forest, the heart of the trees, the scramble and scurry of squirrel and the stealth of the fox. Listen to your body and the body of the earth. Honor your relation to nature and hers to yours. Woo her. Do something about your relationship.

Acknowledging our relations and doing something about our relations expands the circle within which we live our lives. Expanding the circle, increases consciousness, expands care, enlivens curiosity, deepens connection, invites more love.

*Full blog post here

**More active engagement with our call to Quest at Soulandstream.com

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