What Images do you associate with death?

When you think of dying or hear of someone you know that has just died - what images come to mind?  I'd be

very interested to hear what pictures your psyche is creating for your benefit - as Marie Louise Von Franz said that the "symbols that appear in death dreams are images that are also manifested in the individuation process." Are there images that assist in one's transition or possibly even hinder the process?  Drop me a line if you'd like...cb

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Comment by Kirsten Merrild on June 16, 2012 at 1:12pm

I have had a coble of death experiences and will briefly share some of the pictures.

1. I was killed but felt so free and light and was thankful to my executer who had made this happen, I saw my dead body, but felt like a body without weight and earthly consistent, and I realized that there was no difference between executer and the executed. Then I draft towards the light.

2. I felt something was getting very close to my crone chakra and I felt worried and alarmed, then I suddenly seem to recognize it and I lifted my arms and called "Christ" and then white light pored through me and I  thought I died and I surrendered - but I did not die only symbolic.

3. In a HB session I was a Tibetan dying I had not left my body yet and could hear the noise from the cymbal and horns. Then I left the body and began to draft away. After a little while I noticed a meditating Buddha hanging there in space, and I draft towards it and passed it, and then longer a head I saw another one, and now I remembered, that they were there to show my the path to follow, and I reached the place where I was supposed to go.

Then the experienced stopped but that night I dreamed,  I was the Tibetan again and now it was time to get back to Earth. So I took a feeling to Earth and felt much pain and sorrow from Tibet. I realized my people needed help and I knew that I would best be able to help them, if I chosed to be born in Europa. And within no time and in a rush I connected to a body on earth in Denmark, that I had never heard of. At the same time I woke up with a set, and that day was my 51. birthday. Really fantastic - and of cause I am now connected to Buddhism and Tibetan culture and so on :)

3. Then twice I have experienced that dead people or their souls or what to call them came to me, went into my heart and up through my crone chakra and into the light. First my friends farther 3-4 days after his death, and my mother less than 24 hours after her death. I think my chakra system has become a stair way to Heaven because I have said yes to the white light to come down through me, though I thought it was death I said yes to



Comment by Ed Koffenberger on July 29, 2011 at 8:19pm
There is an interesting bit in The Sun, August 2011 edition. Barasch comments briefly on death dreams. (p. 8)

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