A patient left depth therapy one day and, as they did, stated, "I've learned to trust the vibes I pick up from people. They're as real as the time of day or temperature." I like the way they described energy, vibes, the sense we get from others or situations.

This person suffered from a background of childhood trauma. They learned to cope by making everything "nice." By so doing, a young child could feel safe in what would otherwise appear as a hostile world. But, as an adult, the defense of making everything and everyone nice no longer worked. It left them unable to appropriately deal with real life.

Dreams opened up to help. Symbols aplenty referred to a person lost, searching for self, wandering through forests and deserts trying to find something. They were trying to find their way out of niceness and back to self. to soul.

Depth psychologist, Dr. Ursula Wirtz, in her book Trauma and Beyond, writes, "Trauma victims often experience their trauma as a loss of soul and even conceive of the soul being murdered, as a spiritual stagnation and death....the restoration of what has been lost, and the reintegrating of split-off parts lie at the core of trauma therapy."

Rediscovering soul, listening to feelings, sharpens our ability to trust the vibes. Vibes are real and speak to us about life, situations, and people. Becoming spiritually alive, rediscovering soul, ushers us into a new realm of psychic sensitivity where energies abound and vibes are real, and to be trusted.

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