How we fuss and fret when we are stuck! We try ever so hard and seem to get nowhere. Then, we finally decide, if we have the proper sense to, to look within. Deep layers of feeling and instinct, especially dreams, can speak to us. But, above all, before we get to the point of the unconscious delivering its wisdom we must have lived with all our might, without reservation.

C.G. Jung wrote, "This is how you must live - without reservation, whether in giving or withholding, according to what the circumstances require. Then you will get through. After all, if you should still get stuck, there is always the enantiodromia from the unconscious, which open new avenues when conscious will and vision are failing" ('Four Contacts with Jung' in C.G. Jung Speaking. pp. 158-59)

As Jung noted, if we're off the mark in our living, the unconscious will provide assistance. The other night I had a dream. It spoke to me of needing to see what I wasn't willing to see. In my conscious thoughts that day, I had decided the situation was all right, to proceed as if all was well. That night, my dreams corrected my understanding. They painted a dramatic scenario in which I could get bitten if I didn't watch out. 

So, I lived to the best of my ability, with full heart and confidence, yet I needed to balance out. No way forging ahead would be any good. The sensitivity of the psyche, it's wonderful way of speaking in dream images and dramatic scenarios corrected my conscious perception. Once I saw what I needed to see, I could then self-correct and proceed forward in my day and in my life and live without reservation.

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