To be Bipolar One, a Jungian and an Existentialist

I would like to conduct a psychological experiment.

Major Presuppositions

       Computational Theory of Mind




       If Then (Diamond Flowchart Symbol)

The If Then in computer systems \ intelligence is Jean Paul Sartre's... "Humans are condemned to be free..." What Sartre was saying is that Humans must make choices; as do most, if not all, biological organisms.



The conclusion that Jean Piaget formulates; namely, that the direction of biological evolution on this planet is to develop mathematical / logical knowledge and consciousness such that that organism would be capable of leaving this planet..., related in Biology and Knowledge...

Is True


We are that organism. (Albeit we have only taken a "small step'.)

Yet, with all the billions of years of biological effort (aided, of course, by contingency) to allow us, the human primate to be at a pinnacle of Biology; in my life time, I have experienced the Cuban Missile Crises, the height of the Cold War and now Climate Change - all of which threaten us individually, as sub-collectives and as a collective species.

How can we be so favoured and smart and so cruel and stupid at the same time?

Because we are animals and like most higher animals we Desire and Fear. Joseph Campbell make note of this as the existential reality that we must deal with. In any individual conscious span of biological life, existential realities of death, disease, injury are inevitably experienced. Intelligence is the mechanism that has allowed us to far exceed the desires of any other organism on the planet; however, intelligence does not appear to be sufficient in overcoming fear.

All fear can reduce to a word - Death.

If we did not die, existence would be a video game and we would always repeat until we got it right and moved on to the next scenario.

I am drawn to paradoxes.

The paradox I am most interested in is..."Freedom of Religion"!

My issue is... I affirm that religion, for the most part, causes human primates to be in a state of conscious attachment to dogma and superstition that causes other human primates to make pronouncements that simply can not be answered with a simple True or False.  (Pope Francis remarked something about All Dogs Go To Heaven and there is theistic controversy over this statement; when, in fact, he can not answer True or False to this question anymore than you or me. It is a nonsensical issue.)

I want to confront others who refer to me as a catholic. In a video presentation by Joseph Campbell he relates how someone not brought up in the catholic faith could not understand the significance of its influence. He goes on to relate how difficulty it was for him to lose his faith. I lost my faith at seven years old because it all appeared to be total nonsense to me.

The position I most relate to and agree with is the position stated in the Malcolm X video that can be found by following the following link...

I do this assuming I am communicating with other intelligent human primates.




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