The Old Man on the Point: The Wise Old Man Archetype (In Honor of Father's Day)

The old man lived on a wooded point of land on a deep glacial lake. His home, close to the water, yet still partly hidden by pine, oak and ash trees, was modest. It was wood, two stories, with a large picture window overlooking the water. There was a two foot rock wall, which he built with his own hands, in front of the window and between the grass and shrubbery leading to the water’s edge.

We visited the old man when we could. Between our cabin and his home was a heavily wooded parcel of land. When we visited the old man it was almost always by canoe. We sometimes found him out back, behind his home, in a large workshop where his many tools were meticulously placed in their proper place. He had learned the trade of blacksmithing later in life, and he would sometimes fix things for us....continued>

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Comment by Bonnie Bright on June 17, 2012 at 10:18pm

Beautiful post, Jeff. Thanks so much for sharing this with us here....and Happy Father's Day to all of you fathers and would-be fathers out there....

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