The end of the world has been happening for quite some time. Dreams from patients, family, friends, myself have signaled the passing of the old and coming of the new. Energy does not end, it transforms itself!

Transformation typically happens with turbulence and oftentimes a wish that, if possible, things could just stay the same. We're used to how things have been, familiar with the tried and true; but, sometimes what's been for a long time needs to pass on, and we need to let it.

Ending the Mayan calendar symbolizes a profound psychic transformation in which old religious perspectives need to and are passing on. Religious institutions that once ruled the land no longer carry the emotional or spiritual sway they once did. Old religions pass away because a new psychic attitude is being birthed.

Entering fully into the Age of Aquarius calls us to take personal stock of where we are, have been, and seem to be moving spiritually. Each of us, in our own unique way, hears the voice of life, the archetypal energy and way of all things. This voiceless voice, tender inspiration, and intuitive nudging during waking life and deep sleep ushers us into change.

Psychic change is what the end this cycle of time is all about. Increasingly, dreams speak to humankind evolving into a more advanced spiritual state. The end of the world, of this era in time, is perhaps best summed up by Hermes, trickster and god of transitions. He appeared to an ardent seeker in a dream. Placing his right index finger to his lips, he waved the dreamer forward. Only those with ears to hear and an open heart could follow. The dreamer stepped ahead, into a world, a new realm that was both outer and inner, colors and textures rich and dark, brilliant, radiant, challenging, and hopeful. Hermes whispered, "This is an ending...and a beginning!"

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Comment by Paul DeBlassie III on December 23, 2012 at 8:21am're blog was moving especially during this time of hermetic upheaval and new beginnings!...let's stay in touch.

Comment by Gray Crawford on December 22, 2012 at 11:38pm

Hi Paul, I very much appreciate your writing about these times.  In particular I am intrigued by your weaving of Hermes into your writing.  I'm an astrologer, and the planet Mercury has been very active this week and will continue to be making powerful aspects in the coming month of January 2013.  I agree with your perspective.  I just posted my own blog piece about these times if you'd care to read it:

Comment by Paul DeBlassie III on December 16, 2012 at 1:20pm

Wonderful, as always, to hear from you Linda as you pass on insight and depth of inspiration into soul!..Paul

Comment by Linda AK Thompson, PhD on December 16, 2012 at 12:07pm

Good afternoon Paul - how appropriate your words of wisdom today...passing of the old and coming and coming of the new...transformation typically happens with turbulence....entering full into the Age of Aquarius calls (I am dating myself, however, I hear the words from the song 'the dawning of the Age of Aquarius'..... and now we are fully into it all...psychic change...advanced spiritual states...wave dreamer forward...with ears to hear and an open heart...follow...step ahead...a new ending...and a beginning.

Taking all polarities in tow with potential for all kinds of visions and imaginal possibilities only limited by one's attitude....let us all (especially this community of depth), be inspired and inspiring for our friends in need for many are dealing with the death and deep sorrow noteworthy in the depths of the shadow.  Regards Linda

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