The Cosmic Story: Scorpio Solar Eclipse 2012

The Cosmic Story: Scorpio Solar Eclipse 2012


Cahron & Psyche: John Roddam Spencer Stanhope 


        Next Tuesday’s Scorpio New Moon is a solar eclipse, marking an ending and a new beginning for us all.  As you may have noticed, cosmic law dictates that we renew ourselves at different times, for change is the only constant in our marvelous Universe.  We renew ourselves each month at the new Moon and we also renew ourselves yearly at the 15*Scorpio power gate around Samhain or All Hallows’ Eve.  This is the time to let go of those things, projects, hopes and even people that no longer serve our life’s purpose.  We have to learn to die, to clear a space within us, so new life can come to us again next Spring.

          Scorpio’s power lies in the depth and strength of our feeling life.  Scorpios are known for their intense feelings.  This makes sense since Scorpio is a fixed water sign, meaning that there is a concentration of feeling energy that can become very stuck, thereby intensifying them. These stuck feelings turn into the dark, mucky water of stagnant repressed feelings. These dark feelings are often taboo in our society – rage, cruelty, twisted eroticism, revenge as well as our feelings of loss, betrayal, abandonment and sorrow.  That’s the Scorpio struggle – what do I do with these dark, un-digested feelings?    

This Scorpio solar eclipse can help us transform these energies; during a solar eclipse, the Sun’s energy flow is blocked, disrupting Earth’s energy field, breaking up old patterns within the Collective Unconscious.  Then it becomes our responsibility to incorporate this new energy pattern.  Each astrological sign holds the pattern of a different destiny, and so solar eclipses mark a time for a collective initiation to transform that particular pattern.  A solar eclipse in Scorpio can help us transform all our pent-up anger and despair over the state of the world into the determination to create positive change in our societies.    

All of us have some Scorpio issues to deal with, made evident in the house Scorpio occupies in your natal chart.  Scorpio’s initiation asks us to let go of those feelings that keep inflicting pain on ourselves and on others; those emotional wounds that keep us from intimacy with another; and those often unconscious beliefs that keep us chained to the past. 

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