Another excerpt from a Thomas Moore book which definitely agrees with my understanding:  "People caught in the extremes of spirituality don't want to hear that it can be source of evil.  It is of the nature of spirit not to be self reflective.  It tends towards action and literalism.  It takes it's own imagination of reality as plain fact and angrily defends those facts.  And so spirituality often has two layers of defensiveness - a belligerent attack on those who don't agree, backed up by a refusal to think about that belligerence.  People seized by the archetype of spirit may be thrilled to be possessed and free of self - deliberation."  I lived in an area where "so called" spiritual people would carry a Bible and a Sword, and it would depend on which way you were facing as to which one was applied.  So be on alert!!!!  Love one another with kindness and tolerance. 

This post was added to facebook and I purposely left out the importance of the soul or psyche,  which I will slowly work into.  Many facebook followers are "fundamentalists" and will not understand the complexities of the soul, the very part that would keep one grounded.  Modern rationalism has placed soul and spirit as one and the same.  I understand that this format is of higher academic understanding.

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