Almost four years ago, I walked up the Capitol steps in freezing rain to join other clergy and officiants to perform the first legally sanctioned same-sex weddings in Washington State.  Those of us who could legally perform a ceremony were invited to donate our services to any who chose to get married under, near, or around the Christmas tree in the Rotunda.  Robed clergy of many denominations, justice of the peace and others, stood in a line as couple after couple met them, chose them, and designed an on the spot ceremony.  I had the great honor of performing two such ceremonies that day.  I wore my purple robes.  That was a proud day in my ministry as I participated in a human rights victory.  Yes, the world was looking up, reason and  justice held hands, hope for a more open collective consciousness reigned.  I was happy to donate my time and energy.

            Today, I walked up the same steps, in the freezing rain, again.  This time, the mood more somber, the stakes higher, the hope diminishing.   I entered the same Rotunda, the same Christmas tree lit up the space, the same group of people sat on the steps.  Except this time, there was no joy, no celebration or jubilation. People were gathered in every state capital to encourage electors not to vote for Trump.

            By the time you read this, you will know that Trump won the electoral college.  I am sick even as I write this.  I am sick with fear of what he will unleash.  But that is for the future to bring, and we will fight and so on and so on. What is even more frightening than the future scenario is that so many people, millions of people, are terrified.  Galvanized? yes.  Lit up to become activists? yes.  Can this be a tipping point moment for our world?  Yes. 

            The reality is that about half of this country does not get it.  Simply does not understand the horror, terror and fear that is gripping the other half.  Not to conflate paternalism with government, but it is archetypally coherent that the ruling power has as its mandate the care and concern of the people.  All the people.  Not just those who tell you what you want to hear. It’s like we are living out the other fairy tale, the one where the new king comes in already corrupt, without clothes and devours the kingdom.  It’s backwards.  We need the new prince or princess to save the kingdom.  But life is not a fairy tale with the one prince or the one princess that lifts the curse after many travails and obstacles.  Like is messy and requires us to step up and step in. 

            It is up to each one of us to become the prince, the princess, or the Wise Old Man, the Wise Old Woman who help them on the way.  How do we do that?  We shout from the Capitol Steps, “the Emperor has no clothes.”  Time after time after time, we speak up, and speak out.  We will question, we will petition, we will support democracy, the rights of all to love who they love, marry who they marry, practice whatever religion they choose.  We will fight for care for the young, the elderly, the marginalized.  We will not fall asleep at the spindle, or wait to be kissed awake.  We will keep our eyes and ears and hearts open. 

            That’s the thing about fairy tales.  We have to make them come true.   




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Comment by Dennis Carlyle on December 22, 2016 at 10:08am

Thanks for this, Silvia. 

It's encouraging to see someone on this forum advocating direct political action.  For the most part, there seems to be a strong tendency here towards either analysis of social and psychological currents, or towards looking inward only, and seeing outer involvement in politics as dangerous -- as stepping into a quagmire of emotional projections.

Looking at the world as a whole, and not just the recent U.S. election, I think we need to face the stark, "on the ground" reality of where civilization is headed, and how quickly things are progressing.  Psycho-social analysis and personal inner work are of great value in themselves, but on the collective political level, their effects can only be very gradual and very incremental; changing civilization's direction away from its current disasterous course will require a mass movement of people acting together as citizens -- willing to "go through" the various dangers inherent in political involvement.

Comment by klemens swib on December 20, 2016 at 6:05pm

Your sentiments are laudable and your heart is in the right place. Your idealism is quintessentially Christian. It is so obviously the driving force behind our civilization's effort too build the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. An enterprise which the majority of faiths and religions in the world are or will be adopting. Hallelujah. Amen.

With that said, I as a Christian in spirit myself do not fear Trump. I see him as the only hope for America the world and our Christian civilization for that matter. If the other party was elected I would have given up all hope.

In order to survive a nation/civilization must first and foremost be solvent. Your beautiful sentiments, your enlightened and loving view of humanity and your contributions to building the kingdom of heaven on earth are predicated on the existence of a solvent and solid social structure. America is not solvent. It is headed full speed on a course to financial destruction. And when that happens the world you know will no longer exist as it will be overwhelmed and submerged in the resultant social chaos. 

The last president Insanely and irresponsibly doubled American debt to $20 trillion. The one before him doubled the debt as well. This all goes back to Ronald Reagan who took a nation that barely had any debt at all and proclaimed that greed is good and we should operate the nation as spendthrifts. He added the proviso that the budget would get balanced after he was out of office. Ever losertic in office after him emulated his crowd pleasing spendthrift philosophy. America has now dug itself into a financial hole from which it can never recover. In effect the nation has tragically and criminally cannibalized its childrens' futures. Clinton was just another spendthrift clone coming down the pike. She had no intention of altering the status quo or standing up to the special interests looting America's treasury.. 

By rights America should already have bankrupted the country and thereby destroyed your life style and civilizational sentiments. For example the Ukraine a nation of 40 million people was taken out to the woodshed by its creditors and had its country, lifestyle and standard of living destroyed for the meagre sum of about $60 billion. This sum constitutes veritable pocket change in the financial world.

Like so many other victims of the present global regime, tremendous potential has been destroyed and thousands of lives ruined given human ignorance, illness and moral degeneration. Ukraine has more citizens with advanced degrees (per 1000 people) than any other country in the world. She has solid natural resources, excellent ports, and trading partners willing to buy her goods. Instead, a handful of bankers decided to strip the country for a quick profit in the name of “the free market” and “progress.” Her social system deliberately destroyed, her people impoverished and her religion and heritage mocked on the altar of oligarchy. 

 On a per capita basis America has over 300 times the debt of the unfortunate Ukraine. The only reason the American economy is still standing is because the American dollar is the world's reserve currency. This allowed the politicians to print money and run up the debt so astronomically. However the days of money printing to fend off the predatory debt collecting jackals are rapidly coming to an end. A day of reckoning is on the event horizon. And this day of reckoning is what is going to severely test your faith and your beautiful spiritual attitude to humanity. Provided we survive it of course. 

The status quo is not working in America any longer. The politicians and special interests have run the good ship America aground. The Darwinian dead enders in their midst refuse to take responsibility for their actions. it is business as usual and their looting of the nation and its wealth has only intensified as the economy buckles and rolls under their ignorant corrupt and criminal depredations. Clinton was their candidate and they did everything in their power to elect her.

But the deplorables the marginalized and the disenfranchised said enough is enough. We want change. We want to make America great again. We want to restore America to its former glory. The way it used to be. A place where we the now dispossessed and disenfranchised can pursue the American dream and prosper. I've previously provided some statistics for how tens and tens and tens of millions of Americans have been economically marginalized and dead ended. How is it your ideals laudable and spiritually correct as they undoubtedly are are more important than the hopes and aspirations of over 100 million of your fellow citizens. They have the right to pursue liberty and the American dream just as much as you do don't they?

Trump tapped the deplorables well spring of hope, love, patriotism and idealism and secured enough votes to win the Presidency. Against all odds and the mainstream media. It may be too late for him to reverse America's economic fate, but he will try, as at least he is fully aware of the impending disaster America created for itself. The russians never put trump in power. The russians never destroyed our economy. Trump is not the shadow. Trump is the release valve that redirected the despair anger and frustration of over half of the American public which was slowly festering and coalescing into an angry mob/shadow back into the political mainstream.  If he fails to deliver, he and the hope he provides and the already in place homeland security backed by the army may be all that stands between you and the eventual emergence of the disenfranchised's shadow. The angry mob striking out in the beginning to restore their way of life and the way it was but in the end descending into the unconscious rule of the mob. 

Trump is all we have. He did not create the problems we are facing. His intention is to correct them if he can. Well the best laid plans of mice and men huh? For the rest get over it. You did it to yourselves. 

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