On suffering


I did it once.

Went through the dark night of the soul in a little row boat

And didn’t sink.

So I did it once.


Then again and again

I have been called to attend to separation

Suffer the stark, dark gritty agony of loneliness –

And realize

There is no cure for being human


I am almost sixty now

My hair is silver and gray

My eyes betray my years

As do the fine lines around my mouth

Smile and grimace both


I don’t much like getting back in the boat

To ride out the night

Or say hello to the now familiar darkness

Out from which I will emerge

Glad to be alive.


But I will do it.



Silvia Behrend







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Comment by sherrill anne layton on June 2, 2014 at 10:39pm

Watching your beauty, as you describe it, takes me forward to thoughts of my own "ocean," the saline content of it (them), etc. Weather. The simple teak hull probably bloated by now but holding steady... I share in your commitment!

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