Do we feel loved by the images held in a tradition? The essence of soul, hidden in any tradition, can become a source of imaginal strength. James Hillman claims imaginal love is: “this feeling of being loved by the images …”

In her new memoir, Reimagining Christmas:  Discoveries of a Christmas Self, Laura Keller-Wolff extends this quality—harnessed first in working with dreams—into the quality of imaginal love present within the traditions of Christmas.  Hillman states that: “…when we love we want to explore, to discriminate more and more widely, to extend the intricacy that intensifies intimacy.”

In discovering the intricacies of what Keller-Wolff claims as her “Christmas Self,” the widely and wildly held intimacies in the magic of Christmas are exposed as a kind of imaginal love.

Sometimes, resting in a tradition releases it’s wild and tender soul. In the pages of her new book, Keller-Wolff invites the reader to intensify their own intimacy with heart-felt traditions—especially with the soul of Christmas.

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Comment by Steve Staniek on December 26, 2019 at 6:34am

Is Christmas Culture Toxic?

Without the rest of the book it's difficult to see where the author is taking us, but the subject appears to be Christmas culture. Those of us who study culture, whether it's grown locally, or it's imposed on us from away by a larger complex, recognize how it uses egregores to spread itself across humanity. Apparently, these are energized thought patterns that overlay our sovereign thinking as they distort and fog our original understandings.Our sovereign thinking becomes subject to their more emotionally charged thought forms, which replace ours as they begin to reshape our: perception of the world around us, our identity, our thinking, feelings, and direction.

We become victims of "cultural conditioning in its many forms", some of which are clearly harmful or negative, [toxic or detrimental to our well being]. We remain victims of culture when we cannot detach or break the hold of these powerful forces have over they: religious, folk, ethnic, political, philosophical, esoteric,dietary,drug, neighbourhood gangs, corporate. Eventually, we find ourselves projecting and propagating these egregores, and advancing its unhealthy agenda.  

Christmas culture has grown to include many powerful images charged with deep childhood emotions that were grown with ancient biblical stories, that contained powerful components: of survival, motherhood, divine love becoming flesh, etc..which many former Christians see as falsehoods, lies, and deceptions created to control and blind us, and prevent our spiritual ascension to spiritual sovereignty, and freedom from false karma. 

Each of us, [human spiritual complexes] seems to be controlled by major and minor cultures. Successful cultures seem to take on a life of their own, as egregores, which are self perpetuating, energetic thought patterns are passed from person to person, not unlike an infection. Annual renewal of their control over us, is provide by renewal events, ie: festivals,feasts, that commemorate the original events that laid the foundation for a particular culture to grow. 

So, non Christians who have escaped the control of Christian culture and thinking, see Christmas as a time when a powerful system of egregores is used to refresh Christianity's control over us, as those Christmas egregores are released try to realign our thinking to fall in with their agenda.

To those of us who have transcended their Christian conditioning and continue to heal from its wounds, Christmas is not about divine love that turned into human flesh, but unwanted parasitic control by existential threats to our spiritual ascension. 

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