On and Around Jung, Alchemy and the Tree of Life...

The Tree of Life is the mystical path known as the Hebrew Kabbalah. It is so ancient that its origins are not known. It came out of hiding in the middle ages, examined throughout the Renaissance, seemed to disappear from western view and re-emerged at the begiining of the 20th Century.

C.G. Jung integrated its knowledge and wisdom into his work throughout his life. In my upcoming webinar series/interactive class via Depth Psychology Alliance, I'll be using a lens will incorporate a feminine view (in Jung's terms) inward and outward opening to a spiral journey that engages  imagination, metaphor and symbol into understanding the wisdom inherent in the Tree.

Together we will invite intuition and instinct; with the aid our guide Hermes, messenger and trickster to point our way, weaving  together deepened understanding of the interplay  between Cosmos, Psyche and Matter. Within this one Mandala, we see incorporated, the Above and Below, Macrocosm and Microcosm, the Alpha and the Omega and the tension of the opposites.

Through engaging 3 basic geometric symbols; the circle, the triangle and the square, inscribed within the Hermetic tree, we enter into an examination between the planetary structures and the elements in alchemy and the wisdom of the Psyche/Soul moving us towards our Individuation. We are very excited and looking forward to journeying with you through dialogue and discussion and play! Hope to see you there!

 Learn more about the interactive core with Eva Rider...facilitated by Bonnie Bright: a 4-week tour examining the ancient map known as the Hermetic Tree of Life

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