Jung, Individuation, and Film — Blog post and audio Interview with Glen Slater, PhD

Ever since I met Dr. Glen Slater in 2008, I have known him to be a particularly passionate and knowledgeable advocate of film. I often see his film reviews in Jungian and depth publications, and his background in clinical psychology and religious studies—along with his interest in technology and culture—make his commentary especially valuable.

In a recent interview, Glen and I sat down together for an intriguing depth discussion on Jung, individuation, and film, the topic of Glen’s FREE upcoming pu....

To begin, Dr. Slater notes, while we can think of individuation as coming to one’s deep self or unique character, it’s also the place where one comes to contribute to the larger human story. The individuation process is both deeply personal but also transpersonal; both universal and archetypal.

At any given time in a specific culture, individuation is about finding a deep relationship with those energies that are coming up from the collective psyche. Jung believed that “no one can individuate on a mountaintop,” Glen reminded me. Therefore, at the same time you are growing into your own genius, you are also finding where your own life resonates with what is emerging collectively.

Since we need models and mirrors, films are a key place we go today for myth. Films provide a wonderful arena where we can see characters going through the process of individuation—not only experiencing change and transformation, but also finding a deeper understanding of who they really are. As Joseph Campbell pointed out in The Hero’s Journey, there is often initially a refusal of the call, but eventually archetypal forces align to draw the character in to their deeper destiny, Glen states. While a character may initially be uncertain in the journey to individuation, more often that not, they reach a point where an event occurs that seems to spark the idea that they need to serve.

In our culture...(Click here to read the full post and get the link to listen to the ...)

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Comment by John Cona on February 8, 2016 at 11:37am

I have wondered for a few years now:  what is the Depth/Jungian take on the observation that most the new mythical and "hero" (and almost exclusively children's comic book) movies are now combining manifold heroes into the SAME adventures and quests:  "The Avengers" being the prime example (but also: do we really need Batman and Superman meeting, and battling it out?)...what does this portend?  Is it just the vast psychological and collective confusion of modern American society?  Or is this aggregation a projection of a subconscious scream of a departmentalizing and clashing of what should be whole and unified?  Etc...I have my own thoughts but am no "expert" - I would love to hear others' takes on this...Thanks!

Comment by Jorge Luiz de Oliveira Braga on February 5, 2016 at 1:57am

Oh It will be very good

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