Is There an Extraneous Source for Human Violence and Insanity?

Part 1 - Who Profits Most from Human Violence and Insanity?

War refugees, and those of us who have been traumatized by human violence and insanity, go on to study these greatly destructive human traits (?) from micro to macro. Because of our commitment, we conduct in depth searches for root causes that dismiss and cross many protective: cultural, religious, and political boundaries that evolved over time, or were put in place to protect their narratives and the power structures that support them.

We recognize as fact that our so called consensus reality is programmed for entropy, or the breakdown of natural order that supports the tiny measure of freedom that humans have enjoyed in this universe.

We postulate that war is the most violent and insane act that humans are capable of producing, but is it really all our own doing? The first question of this study is: Are humans solely responsible for the enormously destructive human and environmental disasters produced by wars and their aftermaths? Are there other unseen or unidentified forces advancing an agenda against humanity and nature, for total control of what we hesitatingly call our world?

It seems that the only way forward toward discussing a possible solution, is to uncover and understand the fundamental sources of violence and insanity on an individual and collective basis, and see how they are connected. If we can establish some inherent limits in humans, not unlike the natural instinct in wolves to stop their attack against another wolf as soon as his throat is offered in supplication, then we may be able to see how extremely high levels of violence and insanity that are not attributable to humans, may in fact be manipulations by extraneous sources that have their own agenda.

Where does the human capacity for violence end, and what takes over from there, to drive humanity into nuclear annihilation? Who are the players behind man’s violence, and how do they influence or control our thinking. We’ll examine patterns of human violence on small and grand scales. We’ll look at how some societies have been successfully manipulated into violent states over long terms, resulting in the growth of violent cultures that have exceeded the normal human appetite for violence.

Are violence and insanity related? One often follows the other, ie: human violence experienced in wars can result in the experiencer developing a form of mental illness called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The fact that more US veterans of the Iraq war died by their own hands than in battle, confirms that war sickness is responsible for more military deaths (suicides) in western military organizations than combat itself.  Children raised in violent homes or institutions, often fall victim to mental illness.

Today, we watch with horror as the architects of humanity’s fate lead us incrementally to the edge of self destruction. The signs of engineered social entropy are everywhere, and it’s becoming easier to recognize how those architects are: scamming us, seducing us, pushing us, pulling us, herding us, into one of two paths….enslavement or annihilation.

I’m now an autistic senior, and I recognize violence as an altered state of mind. Since childhood, I’ve experienced the world and some of its aspects differently than the neurotypical [NT] society that I live within. My autistic insights inform me of a very different world than that seen and processed by NTs.

The common understanding that we’re wired differently is dangerously simplistic, but good enough to explain that we see and process the world differently. Our different vision could be leftover from childhood. Neurotypical kids were shutting down their innate psychic abilities that allowed them to perceive the different realities around them, probably around the age of reason, because they learned it was too dangerous socially to exercise those psychic abilities. Spectrum kids are far less vulnerable to social pressures, and remained open in varying degrees, to the unseen world around them. The traditional age of reason, sometime between age 5-7 years, is a period when most children surrender their sovereign thinking, and allow it to be taken over and shaped by their family and culture.

Autistic people are fascinated by patterns, and I’ve been studying violent patterns since childhood, looking for information that might reveal an organized system working behind the scenes. I’ve learned a few things that may help us understand how it works, and maybe even who or what is behind it all.

Now, I’m an autistic senior, but back in grade 5, I was being harassed by the schoolyard bully who was older and bigger than most of us kids. One day I noticed something odd about Mr. Bully when he was attacking me. Every time he attempted to trip me up, or knock me down on the hard icy school ground, his eyes did something strange. They would seem to roll back and disappear into his head while he was “in attack mode”. It took many years before I understood that he was actually disconnecting from the reality around him as he entered an altered state of violence. He could not have visually witnessed the awful thing that he was doing to me, and possibly others as he tried to assert his dominance in the schoolyard. His blinded, stiff movements were almost robot like, and it raises the question: Was he simply entering an altered state of consciousness, or did someone else step in to take over the bully’s body and mind for a few seconds of violent bliss? One of the best ways to identify who’s behind crime in the modern world is to find out who profits from the criminal activity? So who profits from this small scale violence being played out against kids millions of times every day in schoolyards across the globe? Is there a system of organized violence that induces fear into humans, especially children, in order to milk our negative energies? We’ll examine how a simple scene played out in school grounds every day, could produce a global system of violence used to induce fear in children, in order to harvest their human negative energies.     

Because I knew my family intimately under normal conditions, I could pick up on the same sudden change of bearing, aggressive demeanor, stiff body language, challenging tones, and bristling energy, whenever they were entering a violent state. They seemed ‘strangely’ different, as though they were someone else, and not themselves.    

When I expanded my study from individual to collective violence, I noticed that collective violence took on the characteristics of a social disease that spreads quickly like a highly contagious infection.


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Comment by Steve Staniek on January 11, 2020 at 5:27am

57 Innocent Canadians, and Many Others Were Killed Because of US-Iranian War Insanity

Its clear today, that Trump's cowardly, sneak attack on the sovereign state of Iran created the Hot War conditions that resulted in the unintentional killing of 57 Canadians, and 100 others.

Today, Iran demonstrated Moral and Ethical Integrity in the Face of US Insanity as it steps up and takes responsibility for its role in the unintentional destruction of a Ukrainian passenger airliner. 

Does US President Donald Trump and the American public possess the same level of moral and ethical integrity as Iran? Will Trump summon the "grownup inside of hm", and muster the moral courage to step up, and accept partial responsibility for creating the conditions of war that resulted in this terrible human disaster? This may be his final opportunity to demonstrate a quantum of personal integrity and humanity.

Ah yes, the insane confusion of can we ever leave this madness behind, when so many groups remain addicted to violent solutions to their problems. Wars designed by enormously prosperous elites, force the rest of us to be dragged repeatedly into a destructive vortex of: endless human suffering driven by hate, anger, revenge, destruction, dominance, competition, making all wars nothing more than hate crimes against humanity.

Today, after examining, sorting, and digesting all the available evidence, Iran has shown the integrity of its people and government, as its military stepped up and took responsibility for the unfortunate destruction of a Ukrainian aircraft, when Iran was forced to defend itself against what was perceived as another US air attack. With so many hostile players in the area, there was always a possibility of outside interference, ie: hacking into its missile control system. The US CIA is a master of false flag, black operations. 

Trump's unexpected and insanely violent attack on the state of Iran,  launched the start of another US war of terrorism in the Middle East, as US military aggression forced Iran into a state of high alert to defend its people. War is a form of social entropy where all the normal rules of social order are left behind, and insanity and chaos takes over.

Under these highly charged, and dangerous conditions of war, all civilian aircraft should be ordered to stay down, and out of harm's way. 

Ethical Canadians will always hold US President Donald "Terminator" Trump responsible for the deaths of 167 innocent passengers, because he attacked Iran's military leaders, creating the hot war conditions that resulted in the unintentional military action that destroyed the passenger airliner.

Trump's responsibility" for this disaster is clear, whether he accepts it publicly or not.

Comment by Steve Staniek on January 8, 2020 at 10:23am


Every time Trump opens his mouth he terrorizes the world with threats of greater US military violence, and even nuclear devastation. This is "public terrorism wrote large", in case it went unnoticed by those who are used to a daily diet of individual and state violence in their native war culture. 

Words are often corrupted through inappropriate usage,and twisted or altered to favour the user's opinions or political agenda. So what's the real, non-political definition of "terrorism" which has been wrongly used by Washington repeatedly to terrorize many indigenous nations with violence and threats of violence? [There is evidence of American terrorism in almost every third world country.]

Let's go back to the start. Shortly after the word 'terrorist' was first coined during the French Revolution, it was hijacked and corrupted by American General Andrew Jackson, the so called "Indian Killer", to disguise and justify his monstrous genocidal attacks in a criminal process of ethnic cleansing of indigenous nations living on their traditional lands in Florida. They refused to submit to American-Christian colonial terrorism. 

Andrew Jackson misunderstood, and therefore used the word inappropriately, because the French meaning of terrorism does not include acts of self defense or retaliation, which is what the Seminole nation in Florida was actually doing to protect its families against Jackson's unconscionable slaughter of his unarmed hosts. Indigenous tribes inhabited Florida for thousands of years before European Christians invaded, plundered, and terrorized these innocents.

Portuguese and Spanish Christians led the way for European Christian terrorism, when they committed countless atrocities against these innocent native people in the name of Jesus, as they searched and plundered the east coast of the Americas for native gold. 

A traditional definition for terrorism found in my Funk and Wagnalls, Canadian Edition dictionary, printed in 1913, so before the Bushes corrupted the true definition again, with their brand of international terrorism.

The non-political definition of terrorism - "unlawful acts of violence committed in an attempt to overthrow a government". 

So violence that is not directly intended to overthrow the government, is NOT TERRORISM. Get it?

Examples of not terrorist violence?

  • 9/11 was not an act of terrorism because there was no effort by the players to overthrow the American governments.
  • The Boston bombing was not an act of terrorism, because it was not intended to overthrow the government.
  • The London car and knife attacks were not terrorist attacks because there was no plan to overthrow the British Parliament, of destroy their monarchy. 
  • All of the above were clearly acts of retaliation for past crimes. 

Examples of US state terrorist violence:

  • 1st US military aggression [war] against the people of Iraq without legal justification - Bush Sr. baited Hussein to invade Kuwait by planting rumours of oil theft via sideways drilling equipment. Hussein fell for the Bush lies, but his government survived, so not terrorism. This was plain military aggression which according to the UN charter is a bigger war crime. 
  • US military aggression against the people of Afghanistan, and overthrow of their sovereign government
  • US military aggression against the people of Haiti and overthrow of their sovereign government.
  • US military aggression against the people of Panama, and overthrow of their sovereign government
  • 2nd US military aggression against the people of Iraq, and overthrow of their government.

Washington's use of military violence to terrorize less powerful nations in order to control them and their wealth, is not only a cowardly criminal act against humanity and the land, but it makes a complete fiction out of all American propaganda that supports its violent hegemony.

Ironically, the US government that was born out of violent revolution to end British terrorism in New England, has become the dominant terrorist on the planet.

Comment by Steve Staniek on January 7, 2020 at 8:44am



History reveals how war cultures have always been existential threats to peace.  Modern history records 93 overt terrorist wars launched by Washington to gain political control over indigenous land wealth, over its 250 year history. Additionally, the Black Ops CIA has made countless ‘covert wars’ against innocent target nations that were hidden from the American public. A prime example is Saddam Hussein [Iraq], who fell victim to Bush Sr’s deceptions and manipulations, leading to two wars against the innocent people of Iraq.  

War cultures are nurtured or supported at home with daily doses of fear and violence supplied by the American Patriot Whip that drives Washington’s program of international terrorism, and nation-wide gun violence facilitated by the NRA which functions like a domestic terrorist organization. Living with the constant prospect of killing someone in order to survive in such a hostile environment, induces a paranoid mental state of war in the minds of most citizens.

Constant reminders of war are thought forms woven into the cultural fabric, eg: the war on poverty, war on drugs, war on prices, war on fake terrorism, war on those who have the best lands and resources, war on those who refuse to submit to our agenda, etc….

This hostile environment of fear and hate produces a population that is easily controlled by the enormously prosperous architects of war, who know just how to use the Patriot Whip to drive the American population to make war for power and profit.  Many young men, eager to prove their manhood and bursting with testosterone are easy recruits, willing to serve their depraved leaders in making destructive wars against their brothers, sisters, and children.

President Donald Trump’s ego is in kill mode, and his recent homicidal attack on Iran’s leaders, proves he’s poised and willing to destroy his way out of his huge public humiliation, by looking strong and aggressive against fake enemies. The oil crazy Bush CIA made Iran an enemy decades ago by overthrowing its democratic government, but there are good people on both sides of this insane conflict that could build a peace bridge to a harmonious (?) future.

 How can Americans stop Trump’s insane march to global destruction?

The American psychiatric association is the only group qualified to assess Trump’s dementia, and declare him unfit for duty in the Oval Office.  If they are unable to remove him on medical grounds, they might be able to isolate and control him by surrounding him with an appointed civilian oversight team, that screens and controls his actions to prevent further outbreaks of Presidential insanity that clearly endanger the well-being of humanity.


Comment by Steve Staniek on January 6, 2020 at 12:01pm

Were Epstein and Weinstein Inspired by Yahweh's Perverted Sexual Needs?

This blog takes the position that man is divinely good, but has been manipulated ‘by others who would have their way with us’, causing him to descend so deeply into the darkness of the lower realms of depravity that he has lost sight of his own sacred divinity. No longer connected to the light, man lives in the world of false darkness, a prisoner lost in the fog of mental confusion and forgetfulness, bullied by hostile internal crosstalk, controlled by powerful delusions of survival and broken promises of freedom and ascension, all created by ‘the other’ to control us.

The progenitor of all this darkness seems to be an ancient entity named Yahweh-Jehovah who has a history of extreme destructive violence, [Egypt, Jericho, Israel], followed by periods of hiding in darkness, and returning under different names to deceive humanity repeatedly. Yahweh launched three religions in the Middle East, as forms of spiritual domination. Laws and punishments are the basic tenets of governance used to control populations and their lands around Palestine.

The discussion looked at a couple of events attributed to Yahweh’s leadership after he made a contract with Moses, who was promised lands full of milk and honey in exchange for submission to Yahweh’s laws and demands. This was Yahweh’s first delusion, since he owned no lands, and his first lesson to his Hebrews was genocidal land theft. No sooner had Moses agreed to Yahweh’s commandments, when Yahweh led the Hebrews into breaking most of his own commandments…”thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s goods or wives”, exposing his dark nature. Fake gods are not above human law.

Jericho must have been one of Yahweh’s biggest failures in recruiting spiritual slaves for his terrorist agenda. After the innocent citizens of Jericho refused to worship Yahweh, his narcissistic ego ordered them destroyed. When the Hebrews reached their own limit of destruction in Jericho and stopped, Yahweh was infuriated with what he saw as their betrayal. Enraged with disappointment he went into Jericho himself, armed with fantastic weapons of mass destruction, and slaughtered all the innocent women, children, and animals. Then, Yahweh burned their flesh as a feast for his parasitic hierarchy circling overhead. This was his first holocaust.

There are many examples of Yahweh’s excesses, ie: extremes of violent destruction, that reveal the true contents of Yahweh’s heart, and which have become his signature throughout his history here. He orders or inspires humans to commit extremes of malice, violence, and destruction. It doesn’t take a genius to recognize that these are all acts of descending hate leading to social entropy, not uplifting acts of spiritual ascension leading to divine life.  

Yahweh has inspired an enormous amount of hate and destruction. His lands in the Middle East are the most defiled and profaned because they are cursed with sacred human blood spilled in anger.

When we turn our attention to Yahweh’s sexual history, we see what humans recognize as sexual perversions.

  • Yahweh favours virgins, Jesus’s mother was an Essene, but they defined virginity differently from modern versions.
  • Yahweh and his parasitic minions feast on male penile pain during ritual sacrifice of the male foreskin to Yahweh. More accurately, they feast on the negative energy released by an infant when his sexual organ is mutilated for Yahweh’s pleasure. Yahweh demands to draw first blood from his own people.
  • Yahweh creates and uses spiritual contracts that we foolishly accept in a dark moment of confusion or weakness. His delusions of greatness have fooled and trapped many people into believing his false promises…remember how he claimed to own Jericho?
  • These “spiritual contracts” become gateways for Yahweh to physically enter the individual where Yahweh’s perverted desires and destructive ambitions are given full reign, and fulfilled through a human body. Remember how Voltemort uses humans?
  • Those closest to Yahweh are his priests and ministers, and we have seen how his church has concealed the sexual misconduct of its clergy, in order to protect its crimes against humanity, and the culture of spiritual-sexual predation.


The question that emerges from all this, is: Are all sexual predators merely victims of Yahweh’s manipulations? Does Yahweh have a direct line to his people, and are the Epsteins, Weinsteins, and others, also manipulated by Yahweh’s twisted sexual needs, no less than the Jesuits, Oblates, or Sisters of Charity?


Comment by Steve Staniek on January 5, 2020 at 10:18am

Why is US President Donald Trump Not in Jail?

...for confessing to the murders of Iranian Nationals, and committing an overt act of war against the sovereign state of Iran without Congressional Approval?

This is where we assess the true integrity, legitimacy, and state of justice in the upper levels of American society.

Our planet has been cursed once again, with another insane and plainly boneheaded decision by Donald F.U. Trump, as he sinks lower into the amoral and unethical darkness of the Oval Office.  US President Donald Trump’s raging ego, burning with insane fury over being impeached, ordered an act of war against the sovereign state of Iran, that has never raised a hand in anger against the USA. As those of us who live outside the USA and the influence of its lying “patriot press” know only too well, Iran has been a long time victim of US terrorism after the Bush CIA overthrew Iran’s democratic government in favour of the west leaning, but brutal and despotic Shah, who was eventually deposed and exiled.

Dumb Donald has publicly admitted to ordering the illegal killing of Iranian military leaders by experienced American assassins who were concealed from view. It was a ‘formula killing’ modeled after the inner CIA assassinations of:  JFK, RFK, and MLK, by their American political opponents.  

This “state killing” was not against a prominent American politician who got in the way of the DEEP STATE’s agenda, and not carried out during any official war or ongoing military engagement, making it a clear case of illegal homicide.

The means of murder was one of the most cowardly, notably, a remote rocket attack in which the button pushers were never at risk, making it, like all remote killings, a deeply cowardly attack. At first glance this simply looks like another criminal act by a terrorist state, but because of the timing, this is probably public staging for the next assault on the rights and freedoms of the American public.

Violent, war making cultures reward acts of violence with medals, and the button pushers hiding in safe control rooms, will probably be rewarded for these acts of terrorism. This is real terrorism because this method of remote attack was used repeatedly to overthrow other sovereign nations, and overthrowing governments is the very core of terrorism.

Washington’s agenda in the ME has been total domination, for itself and its welfare client Israel. This fact emerged after two unprovoked US attacks on Iraq, which the US has not answered or paid for.  However, justice and karma are imminent, and the indigenous worlds are rising up to take back their sovereignty, restore their sacred beliefs, and heal the people and the sacred lands of foreign terrorism.

CONTROL IS EVERYTHING - Yes, it’s all about control folks, and the ultimate goal of the DEEP STATE is incremental enslavement and control through totalitarian legislation, like false anti-terrorism legislation designed to give the American DEEP STATE total control over all Americans, and ultimately the rest of us. Canada, still controlled by British Christian supremacists, has passed similar totalitarian legislation known as C-51, to control us. We are not silent sheep. Now is the time to wake up and stand up for humanity. Our large numbers can retake control of society and lead us away from the social entropy they have planned for us.  Has anyone seen the enormous concentration camps prepared by Bush controlled FEMA?  


Comment by Steve Staniek on January 3, 2020 at 9:03am

On January 2, 2019, US President Donald Trump Lit the Fuse to Ignite WWIII...

in the Middle East, by launching a sneak rocket attack to destroy his counterparts in the Muslim world. This criminal act of ,pre-emptive military aggression was committed behind America's back, and was ordered to please a kabal of Trump's violence-addicted supporters of modern colonialism, notably: America's DEEP STATE known outside the USA as the Bush State, American Republicans, British, Canadian, Australian, and Israelis who continue to practice colonial terrorism, or the use of violence to gain control over indigenous people and their land wealth, as witnessed recently in unprovoked attacks by US military against the people of Afghanistan,Iraq, Panama,Palestine, etc...  

In his efforts to distract and delude his American base from his disastrous plunge into the shameful abyss of political impeachment, as well as other pending criminal proceedings, Trump, like Baby Bush, turned to international terrorism to save his narcissistic derriere.

Trump has, in his insanely confused way, ignited what could easily grow into WWIII. History records that WWI was a colonial showdown triggered by a political assassination, and mislabeled as WWI. The world witnessed how Europe's criminal nations that had been raping and plundering the New World for centuries with colonial terrorism finally squared off and duked it out with each other, over their criminal empires.

The collective insanity known as WWI was an all out battle for colonial supremacy, orchestrated by Europe's Christian elites. Once again Europe's lower class, or the common folk comprised of: serfs, slaves, indentured servants, conscripts, impoverished men, were forced to fight and destroy each other for the best lands, and more importantly in the eyes of the architects of human destruction, "colonial domination over all others". We note that a British warship recently discovered lying in Canadian waters, was called "The Terror"

By 1939, Christian Germany's military power had grown tremendously. Under their Nazi uniforms, they were still German Christians, and they tried to colonize other Christian nations using the same brutal colonial formula of genocidal violence, and enslaving laws used by Europe's colonial powers against indigenous nations around the world. My Polish parents were made German Christian slaves in 1939. Needless to say, Europe's colonial powers did not like being treated in the same way that they treated the non-Christian indigenous world, and a bunch of Americans decided to hold the Nuremberg Trials, where the word "colonization" was never heard to avoid sharing the same guilt.

Colonial Christian wars during WWI and WWII combined, resulted in:

  • The destruction of over 100 million human lives
  • Entire historic cities had to be rebuilt,
  • Enormous graveyards replaced some of the best agricultural lands surrounding cities,
  • Europe's Christian elites, the architects of this insanity, filled their coffers with criminal profits after each war.

No one wins a war, because all participants are losers. The survivors are said to have won, but what those winners had become on their way to victory, is the real question. In their blind pursuit of victory at all  costs, the winners had to lower themselves into the pit of darkness, to succeed, but now they have to live in that state of social entropy, and that's what we are seeing now. If any of the colonial wars that have been fought for the benefit of the elites actually solved any problems we would never have to face violent destruction again, but each colonial war creates the conditions for the next war, and there is no natural end to this insane path, expect to get off it now.


Comment by Steve Staniek on December 23, 2019 at 7:53am

Has anyone else noticed how badly Wikipedia has become corrupted by Zionist extremist what's a Zionist extremist?

Zionism is a political movement responsible for creating the modern state of Israel. It's members come from various backgrounds, not just Jewish. It tries to hide its crimes of violent land theft from its hosts the Palestine people, behind a shield of quasi legal ethnic protection afforded by many countries, while it continues to attack its enemies mercilessly, and take more lands from Palestine, like Jerusalem and Gaza. A "Zionist extremist", is someone who continues to support Israel unconditionally, in the face of it's crimes against humanity.

I've imported this section from Wikipedia because it provides insights into how Yahweh's terrorism is still being used by today's Zionist extremists towards the Palestine people. Here, we can hear Zionist arguments for the herem, or the final solution to the Palestinian problem through another Yahweh holocaust. Does their plan involve official burning? 

"According to Ian Lustick, in the 1980s, leaders of the now defunct Israeli messianic and political movement Gush Emunim, such as Hanan Porat, considered the Palestinians to be like Canaanites or Amalekites, and suggested that implied a duty to make merciless war against Arabs who reject Jewish sovereignty.[40] Atheist commentator Christopher Hitchens discusses the association of the "obliterated" tribes with modern troubles in Palestine.[41]

Biblical scholar Niels Peter Lemche asserts that European colonialism in the nineteenth century was ideologically based on the biblical narratives of conquest and extermination. He also states that European Jews who migrated to Palestine relied on the biblical ideology of conquest and extermination, and considered the Arabs to be Canaanites.[42] Scholar Arthur Grenke claims that the view of war expressed in Deuteronomy contributed to the destruction of Native Americans and to the destruction of European Jewry.[43]

Nur Masalha, a Palestinian writer and academic, writes that the "genocide" of the extermination commandments has been "kept before subsequent generations" and served as inspirational examples of divine support for slaughtering enemies.[44] Ra'anan S. Boustan, an Associate Professor of ancient Mediterranean religions at UCLA, said that militant Zionists have identified modern Palestinians with Canaanites, and hence as targets of violence mandated in Deut 20:15-18.[45] Scholar Leonard B. Glick states that Jewish fundamentalists in Israel, such as Shlomo Aviner, consider the Palestinians to be like biblical Canaanites, and that some fundamentalist leaders suggest that they "must be prepared to destroy" the Palestinians if the Palestinians do not leave the land.[46] Keith Whitelam, Professor Emeritus of Biblical Studies in the University of Sheffield, asserts that the Zionist movement has drawn inspiration from the biblical conquest tradition, and Whitelam draws parallels between the "genocidal Israelites" of Joshua and modern Zionists.[47]  "

I may be alone in this, but the violently insane views expressed above are the direct result of people locked into contractually controlled stone age thinking and feeling, that has prevented them from evolving socio-spiritually, as they continue to advance a terrorist agenda of violent land theft. That retrograde attitude towards renewed violence to take lands belonging to others, is ancient colonialism that reveals a complete lack of socio-spiritual evolution in thousands of years.

Israel is not alone in continuing to use criminal colonial violence to gain control over indigenous land wealth...birds of feather flock together, and it's closest partner leads the way in active colonialism in Afghanistan, and Iraq. 

Comment by Steve Staniek on December 16, 2019 at 12:21pm

Yahweh Becomes World's Premier Serial Terrorist

My investigations into Yahweh’s patterns of behavior over time reveal that he’s been a deeply destructive, instead of a generous and loving entity. He taught genocidal land theft  or colonial terrorism to his Hebrews, and in Jericho he launch his first holocaust against the innocent inhabitants that were "slaughtered and burned". Here, he committed the first of hundreds of holocausts against humanity.

Yahweh is probably the great existential threat hiding behind our thoughts and minds. But he is also the storm god waiting to strike, the warrior god that uses violence insanely to advance his agenda against humanity. He's the egoic force,the: “me first, and only me” entity, who demands to be worshiped as a deity. His ego has grown out of control, and is now so enormously huge that it will not let him rest until he gains complete control over humanity.

Yahweh has many mouths to feed, and he feeds his hierarchy of spiritual parasites [these are not good angels] with human energy given up during violent events [wars] that he orchestrates. His most powerful acts of absolute violence against entire nations have been named holocausts.Just as he demanded the murder of his own son, [or so the story goes], he demands the complete slaughter [or attempts at complete slaughter], to eradicate entire nations that have displeased him, betrayed him, or just gotten in his way. And then the bodies are burned as a feast for Yahweh’s minions.

Yahweh’s trail of genocidal destruction traverses the landscape in many different locations around the world, where he has presided spiritually, or by reincarnating physically.

Extreme violence is his signature making his events easy to spot. His violence is always far more than you would expect from typical human violence which is generally less severe and self limiting. When Yahweh inspires extreme violence it generally produces great imbalances that are easy to spot…eg: when his enemies kill 5, Yahweh’s side kills 5,000.

While the combination of “total slaughter of innocents followed by their incineration”, was practiced by many ancient groups, the practice died out over time, except in certain religious civilizations that preserved this inhumanly hateful practice.  

An example of total slaughter fitting Yahweh’s pattern of destruction was discovered recently in Guatemala, and it took place in the 9th century. In the ancient Mayan town of Witzna, archeologists found evidence of “puluury”, or total war.  A new study of existing ash evidence found at the bottom of a lake and other buildings, provides a bigger picture, suggesting it was actually: “an act of total war that aimed to inflict great human cost on the enemy population.”

It’s still early, but the evidence is mounting against Yahweh, as we recognize his holocaust signature in many places on this planet. He claims to be ubiquitous, so he has probably been posing as a deity or war leader in many other civilizations.  Yahweh became a serial terrorist.

The greatest challenge and work of the mental health industry is not the treatment of individuals undergoing internal wars, but the treatment of the insane fake gods who keep dragging us down into social entropy that produces human mental illness. 

Comment by Steve Staniek on December 13, 2019 at 12:02pm

Part 3 - The Influence of Culture on Mental Health

How much are our personalities, identities, and consequently our mental health, is shaped by the culture we grow up and live in? I grew up in Canadian culture, which is heavily influenced through American entertainment, and consequently I grew up shooting six guns and chasing Indians. I was exposed to and embraced all the toxic cliches of the day...."the only good Indian is a .... ....".  I wonder what social horrors Trump culture children will accomplish.

Jung's Red Book reveals how deeply he was shaped and controlled by his early culture. The parameters, conditions, or limits he set on his experimental explorations into the subconscious, indeed his own exploratory thinking, looks like it was guided, controlled, and limited by his cultural conditioning. His desire to understand the dynamics separating the upper and lower parts of the human psyche came into direct conflict with his strong religious conditioning. His mandalas were probably conscious attempts to bypass or defeat his own protective barriers.

At the outset, Jung may have made a contract with self, similar to the one made by famous psychic Edgar Cayce. Cayce's father was a Baptist minister, who ran a totalitarian Christian household, and his dominant thinking not only shaped Cayce's mindset, but also set hard limits on Edgar's ability to see and perceive anything beyond the approved limits. When Cayce began to receive psychic messages while in a self-induced trance state, he made a contract with self that he would stop giving readings if any information surfaced that conflicted with his Christian view and values. He blinded himself, or constrained his vision, to see only what he could deal with. 

Self-protecting contracts can be made consciously or subliminally, "I'd never do that to myself.", and such sentinel thoughts can become embedded as protective barriers to our everyday thinking.

As we look into culture as an existential source of mental illness, it becomes unmanageably nebulous very quickly. But if we narrow our sampling of culture to the immediate family, as a microcosm of culture, we can see from the examples above, that culture controls our thinking and feeling in powerful ways. It's easy to prove that our culture shapes us through our families, and it can misshape us into self harming cultural robots in order to suit, or fit into its structure and dynamics. 

The home or nest culture is a fractal of the larger culture, and it's egregores [psychic thought energies expressed by an organization] can act on us throughout our lives.

Comment by Steve Staniek on November 14, 2019 at 12:47pm

Two Students Killed in Santa Clarita School Shooting

Today, we learned of another mass shooting of innocent children in another American school, located in another largely Christian community, that is probably armed to the teeth and preconditioned to gun violence.

I note that the 2nd Amendment 'right to carry' is conditional, ie: it specifies while serving in a militia, so do all these American gun owners serve in state militias in order to qualify? Perhaps the way to reduce frivolous gun ownership that leads to deaths, is to enforce "the militia condition"?

We know that the NRA is a bigger threat to American lives [over 30,000 gun deaths/y] than all the world's terrorist organizations combined [0 gun deaths/y]. It is funded in large part by weapons makers, who apply political threats to prevent Congress from fulfilling its fist duty, which is to protect the population, not fill the coffers of weapons corporations.

Apparently, Congress has spent as much on the bogus war on terrorism, as it has on the nations health care. The 3 trillion dollar war on terrorism did nothing to reduce the risk to American lives, who are still being killed at a rate of 30,000/y despite the war on terror that has destroyed several nations for power and profit.

Is it really so impossible for sane Americans to come together in a class action lawsuit against the NRA, and the corpulent gun makers, and bring an end to this insanity? This looks like national self harming.


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