Is There an Extraneous Source for Human Violence and Insanity?

Part 1 - Who Profits Most from Human Violence and Insanity?

War refugees, and those of us who have been traumatized by human violence and insanity, go on to study these greatly destructive human traits (?) from micro to macro. Because of our commitment, we conduct in depth searches for root causes that dismiss and cross many protective: cultural, religious, and political boundaries that evolved over time, or were put in place to protect their narratives and the power structures that support them.

We recognize as fact that our so called consensus reality is programmed for entropy, or the breakdown of natural order that supports the tiny measure of freedom that humans have enjoyed in this universe.

We postulate that war is the most violent and insane act that humans are capable of producing, but is it really all our own doing? The first question of this study is: Are humans solely responsible for the enormously destructive human and environmental disasters produced by wars and their aftermaths? Are there other unseen or unidentified forces advancing an agenda against humanity and nature, for total control of what we hesitatingly call our world?

It seems that the only way forward toward discussing a possible solution, is to uncover and understand the fundamental sources of violence and insanity on an individual and collective basis, and see how they are connected. If we can establish some inherent limits in humans, not unlike the natural instinct in wolves to stop their attack against another wolf as soon as his throat is offered in supplication, then we may be able to see how extremely high levels of violence and insanity that are not attributable to humans, may in fact be manipulations by extraneous sources that have their own agenda.

Where does the human capacity for violence end, and what takes over from there, to drive humanity into nuclear annihilation? Who are the players behind man’s violence, and how do they influence or control our thinking. We’ll examine patterns of human violence on small and grand scales. We’ll look at how some societies have been successfully manipulated into violent states over long terms, resulting in the growth of violent cultures that have exceeded the normal human appetite for violence.

Are violence and insanity related? One often follows the other, ie: human violence experienced in wars can result in the experiencer developing a form of mental illness called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The fact that more US veterans of the Iraq war died by their own hands than in battle, confirms that war sickness is responsible for more military deaths (suicides) in western military organizations than combat itself.  Children raised in violent homes or institutions, often fall victim to mental illness.

Today, we watch with horror as the architects of humanity’s fate lead us incrementally to the edge of self destruction. The signs of engineered social entropy are everywhere, and it’s becoming easier to recognize how those architects are: scamming us, seducing us, pushing us, pulling us, herding us, into one of two paths….enslavement or annihilation.

I’m now an autistic senior, and I recognize violence as an altered state of mind. Since childhood, I’ve experienced the world and some of its aspects differently than the neurotypical [NT] society that I live within. My autistic insights inform me of a very different world than that seen and processed by NTs.

The common understanding that we’re wired differently is dangerously simplistic, but good enough to explain that we see and process the world differently. Our different vision could be leftover from childhood. Neurotypical kids were shutting down their innate psychic abilities that allowed them to perceive the different realities around them, probably around the age of reason, because they learned it was too dangerous socially to exercise those psychic abilities. Spectrum kids are far less vulnerable to social pressures, and remained open in varying degrees, to the unseen world around them. The traditional age of reason, sometime between age 5-7 years, is a period when most children surrender their sovereign thinking, and allow it to be taken over and shaped by their family and culture.

Autistic people are fascinated by patterns, and I’ve been studying violent patterns since childhood, looking for information that might reveal an organized system working behind the scenes. I’ve learned a few things that may help us understand how it works, and maybe even who or what is behind it all.

Now, I’m an autistic senior, but back in grade 5, I was being harassed by the schoolyard bully who was older and bigger than most of us kids. One day I noticed something odd about Mr. Bully when he was attacking me. Every time he attempted to trip me up, or knock me down on the hard icy school ground, his eyes did something strange. They would seem to roll back and disappear into his head while he was “in attack mode”. It took many years before I understood that he was actually disconnecting from the reality around him as he entered an altered state of violence. He could not have visually witnessed the awful thing that he was doing to me, and possibly others as he tried to assert his dominance in the schoolyard. His blinded, stiff movements were almost robot like, and it raises the question: Was he simply entering an altered state of consciousness, or did someone else step in to take over the bully’s body and mind for a few seconds of violent bliss? One of the best ways to identify who’s behind crime in the modern world is to find out who profits from the criminal activity? So who profits from this small scale violence being played out against kids millions of times every day in schoolyards across the globe? Is there a system of organized violence that induces fear into humans, especially children, in order to milk our negative energies? We’ll examine how a simple scene played out in school grounds every day, could produce a global system of violence used to induce fear in children, in order to harvest their human negative energies.     

Because I knew my family intimately under normal conditions, I could pick up on the same sudden change of bearing, aggressive demeanor, stiff body language, challenging tones, and bristling energy, whenever they were entering a violent state. They seemed ‘strangely’ different, as though they were someone else, and not themselves.    

When I expanded my study from individual to collective violence, I noticed that collective violence took on the characteristics of a social disease that spreads quickly like a highly contagious infection.


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