"Immigration, Art, and Healing through Trauma"—New Audio Interview and Article

As an immigrant, whose family fled the tyranny of Romania’s Communist dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu, Alexra Rusu entered the field of counseling because she has been profoundly interested in healing  in the archetypal concept of “home.” 
Rusu, who grew up reading C.G. Jung, feels deeply about the sense of spiritual sustenance  meaning offered through our connections with the unconscious. Now working with many clients struggling with drug addiction, eating disorders  an immense amount of trauma, she believes therapy, especially with a depth psychological perspective, can be a tremendous help.
Upheaval often leads us to finding home within ourselves when home is nowhere to be found on the outside, she suggests. That means, in some ways, unrest we experience is a gift because it helps us search deeper within ourselves.
Rusu also produces stunning paintings which grew out of her own work with a therapist who suggested Rusu paint her emotions during their sessions together. Now, her full-blown love of abstract art reminds her time  again how we're all a channel for creating something in this world…

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