Stilling mind conjures creative psychic images. Archetypal presences come our way once mind becomes calm, receptive. They speak to us of what furthers growth, prohibits stagnation. They are energies that in old religious language were referred to as angels.

Carl Jung on “Meditation in Alchemy" noted, " ..But the alchemists really try to establish an objective relation to a "second" in their meditation, and this "second" has been regarded since olden times as the so-called "paredros", a spiritual helper, who is present during the work and who gives instructions.There is a text where the "spiritus Mercurii" first appears as a vapour which gradually condenses until it takes on a more or less recognisable human form. "

Thus, spiritual helpers, seen as creative psychic images emerge from the unconscious during times of calm receptivity. They further our psychological, alchemical, work. Simply put, when we are relaxed and open we are better able to access a realm of helpful invisible realities.

An advanced yoga practitioner related, "I was in deep meditation and saw a cup of Black Lightening Coffee. Energy whipped through me. I had been depleted and after asana practice and meditation I received the vision I needed." The vision of the Black Lightening Coffee, a brand she preferred, brought the jolt of energy, consciousness, she has been lacking. A still mind conjured a creative psychic image that furthered growth and present moment energy--Mercurius, he who creates and controls lightening!

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