To be real is to be creative. Something nurturing can come out of a lived experience. There's a zest that takes hold when we immerse ourself in lived reality. We feel better once we've faced what we need to face, the real taken in and internalized as truth in a given situation.  

The father of American depth psychology, William James, wrote that real creative activities in being must be lived experiences (A Pluralistic Universe p.185). Dreams point to such creativity when they address what has happened that we're not aware of or that we're only minimally aware of. One night I dreamt of a fairy touching my shoulder. The dream came after a day when I'd talked to a particularly inspiring person. I'd been moved, touched by the conversation. The dream dramatized the energy between us, a spiritual current that affected me. 

The experience in waking life and the symbol within the dream was a creative act. This was a lived experience that taught me something. It taught me about listening to vital feeling states when dealing with others and when going about daily activities. Lived experience is creative experience as we allow what is real, what has taken place, to inform us, to give us information about what we didn't realize at all or didn't understand was so important. Becoming conscious means becoming real, authentic, and able to grow from what we've lived.

I nurtured the relationship with this person. And, over time it has continued to prove its creative role in my life. It was a lived experience then emphasized by symbolic dream material. I'd gotten the message in waking life and then the unconscious highlighted and gave further insight into the importance of something nurturing coming out of lived experience.

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