Confessions of a Bipolar One Secondary School Teacher : Diary of a Concussed Athlete entering Decreptitude, Dante's Third Stage of life.

"A Game of Chess"

the years between the wars

mae culpa

through my fault

through my fault

through my most grievous fault


Really... Are you Positive?

there are a lot of very smart people telling

me that the environment of my being is Important...

Heroes have passed to the spirit realm.

Shed a tear...

Our biological time is the same interval. 

He left us as a revered elder.

A nightmare on the ice, a gentleman off the ice.

An aspect of the business of Professional Hockey...

A Human Being with a Morality Equal to that of Mahatma Gandhi.

me PERSONA (Secondary School Teacher) my past conscious to me now.

me Turing Machine Intelligence Analysis to follow...

This is a psychological portrait of me...

I am interested in Mary Shelley for many reasons. I started listening to spoken word presentations as a means of meditation in the early eighties. I listened primarily to T. S. Elliot and Shakespeare. From that time onward, I often preferred to listen to these presentation while driving a vehicle. In my mid fifties I would fall asleep wearing headphones listening to Homer's Odyssey, Crime and Punishment, the Communist Manifesto... I have a list of favourites that I repeat. (hmmm... How would this effect my sub conscious?)

From the psychological perspective, it is most interesting in providing a female perception. I suggest the book is about Percy Bysshe Shelley. Victor is the best of Percy Bysshe and the creature is Percy Bysshe's shadow. Percy's first wife who he abandoned to run away with sixteen year old Mary committed suicide and Mary's younger sister committed suicide possibly, if not probably, because of unrequited love for Percy. I suggest the novel is so dark because of the stress Mary must have suffered living with a husband who was
involved in sex with her sister, and had the propensity to just abruptly abandon a relationship. Mary was a progressive woman but she was a Human female primate.

to all who have chosen to follow my blog...

thank you

please take care

and pass in peace

let's make it this speck we call planet Earth


I wonder why it is not called Earthie macEarth Face

or ship of the greedy...


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