Cathy Pagano's well thought out, lovely description of the upcoming Aries/Libra full moon.

Hi Cathy, very sweet description of the upcoming Aries Libra full moon. And I loved that exquisite photo. 

Thanks to you I now have, Buber's I-Thou classic in one hand. And  I've begun a journal of all the qualities that I've always loved/hated in "the other," and one by one am starting to try them on and integrate them as my own! 

Of course I took another peek at the sign on my seventh house cusp in order to be reminded of what I love/hate in others and am now preparing to go through this inventory once and for courageously as (Aries) on the 7th can . And maybe, just maybe, since I have Libra rising and a reversed natural zodiac, I can at least attempt to do so with at least a bit of diplomacy (Libra).  By the way if one knows their horoscope and the sign on the 7th (Libra) house cusp of partners/others, that reclaiming and owning of qualities, archetypes, style and characteristics usually described by the sign  on the cusp of the 7th, carried by and that one loves/hates in the other, is a terrific exercise...Hah..if only!

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Comment by Cathy Pagano on April 6, 2012 at 7:57am

Thanks Judith.  Yes, I've been working with my 7th house for a while now - my Sagittarius tendency to speak my truth in a kinder, gentler way.  Working on the judgements as well:)

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