Building the Story of Cascadia: New Tools for the Transition Workshop Video & Hand-out from 2012 NWP Convergence

Building the Story of Cascadia: New Tools for the Transition

Workshop Video & Hand-out from 2012 NWP Convergence

by Willi Paul,


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Comment by micheal sunanda on October 9, 2012 at 2:21am

hi willi  weow i just joined here today. glad to see you raving about cascadia aka Ecotopia & Econesia, Ooligan & other tribal names burried by whites culture.  We began bioregional gatherings in NW in mid '70s, Like 'Tilth' & Rainbow gatherings,  Oregon country Fair,  natural healing gatherings, barter fairs, organic gardening, farming & composting, communal living,  home encounter group,  NW natural healing gatherings at Breitenbush hotsprings & on & on, mostly private homesteading, some EcoForestry,  spiritual & goddess gatherings all blessed by Mother Nature in 1000 valleys & new babies born at home, into loving hands &or water birthing.

So now were celebrating 40 years since we began recycling, vegetariam,  massage,  bicycling & cooperatives in Eugenius trends like bicycling, bike lanes & curb ramps, etc.  Radical psychology is mostly invisible to minds, or seeing rainbow spirals in trees,clouds, eyes, rainbows, glowing skin, candles & sun reflecting on water.  I believe natural homebirthing is very deep intense release & bonding we humans love sharing now?

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