The divine feminine entrances me. The term, the concept, the energy sends me into a trance state of altered perception, consciousness, insight. I know when it happens because there's a quality of leaving behind disconnected ways of thinking and being. Rather than, logic, control, dominance being in charge, I'm more open to intuition, flow, interconnections. This is the living energy of the divine feminine.

The divine feminine shows up in dreams and in cultural events. December is the month that celebrates the Assumption of Mary within institutional religion. Psychologically it is about a world changing frame of mind, an altered state of consciousness, that heals the dissociation between spirit and nature. Within the yogic world, Shakti is the divine feminine presence, energy that pulsates through the universe bringing things to life. That which is ailing or less than true to self or nature is healed, made whole, through the intercession of this feminine force.

She is awakened through dreaming. Life, in many respects, is a waking dream. We are living our stories, our myth, our way of being in the world, quite often in a dramatic manner. We have conflicts, we quarrel, we have ups and downs, we are happy and sad, are angry and love. This is life. This is what it means to be human. This is Shakti, the Black Madonna, Mary the Virgin Goddess of the Heavens.

Through the years more than one person has told me something like, "I sometimes wonder if I'm in a dream and dreaming my life and that one day I'll wake up." We're definitely in a dream, the Divine Feminine pulsating with the dream narrative, the drama of daily life that fashions us into the being we, by nature, were meant to be. This is the Divine Feminine, nature's vibrant energy, coursing through us and transforming us into whole human beings.

Awakening the Divine Feminine happens naturally as we dream that life that we are living and dreaming and awakening to each day and every moment as circumstances and relationships take us by surprise and we open our eyes to the always new discovery, a trance state directed into the self, of the Divine Feminine in the world, in life, and in the soul!

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