There's something to our life. We're meant for something, to live in one way and not another. We have a path to follow, a livelihood to make, love to find and live out. As we do so, we discover and fulfill our destiny.

CG Jung wrote, "It is only after illness that I understood how important it is to affirm one's destiny . . . Nothing is disturbed - neither inwardly nor outwardly - for one's own continuity has withstood the current of life and of time. But that can come to pass only when one does not meddle inquisitively with the workings of fate" (Memories, Dreams, Reflections 1962 p.297).

There's trouble when we mess with our calling. Destiny is such a force of nature that we make ourselves miserable when we monkey with it. It starts with a vague feeling of unsettledness, then irritability, and goes on to bold-faced unhappiness and perhaps depression. Illness can set it as it did with CG Jung.

Dreams can open up at this point and speak to us. They provide the right symbols at the right time that address our dilemma. I remember a woman who complained of not knowing why she was suffering. She wanted to be a full-time mother and hated the fact that she "had to work outside the home."      

 A dream showed her in an ancient realm concocting magical potions. They cured people. From one end of the realm to the other, people sought her ministration. She was brought to tears in the dream by the wonder of the gift. In day-to-day life, she was a pharmacist and often complained about her work. The dream took her to her destiny, opened her eyes to her calling, and, as CG Jung learned, it became apparent to her that her well-being depended on not meddling with the workings of destiny.

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