The True First World War was the European Invasion (... colonization, appropriation, theft) perpetrated on non Europeans.

I stated in a previous blog post that FACTICITY IS PARAMOUNT in regard to Existential Philosophy. Existentialism is in agreement with C. G. Jung's writings and conclusions concerning the fundamental importance of INDIVIDUATION. The process of Individuation leads to the singularity of personality (exclusivity... no one else can be me, as no one else can be you) which is Jean Paul Sartre's "being for itself". Jean Paul Sartre's pronouncement that hell is other people is fact if you accept the high degree of probability that there is no god or that there is no GOD.

I was almost six years old when the educational conditioning commenced. Universal Roman Catholic Church indoctrination was attempted throughout my primary and secondary education by negative reinforcement... namely physical pain. Joseph Campbell relates how pervasive and intense this indoctrination was for him when he states that someone who is not brought up in the catholic faith would have difficulty relating to its impact. I have no knowledge of what he experienced or the context of the local physical environment in which his early education took place except to state that I presume it was more affluent that the physical environment of my early education. My undergraduate education occurred in Quebec where the provincial educational system was catholic and others... (mostly Jews and Protestants at the time) were educated in a separate education system. It might be an exaggeration to categorize the locality of my early existence as a ghetto and it might be an insult to those humans who factually survived ghetto existence but I am confident in stating that it was lower middle class, at best. (It is the same locality where Leonard Cohen experienced his early existence ten to fifteen years before me... St. Urban and Pine.) I often wonder what Joseph Campbell felt about the infallibility of the pope? At six, seven, eight, years old what does one understand of god and infallibility? I can tell you what a six, seven or eight years understands...: being hit. When I attended elementary school, not only the principal but teachers applied corporal punishment frequently.

It was when I experienced University Education that I realized the beauty of true education. Whereas I might have been aware of Noam Chomsky before entering graduate school, it was in graduate school that I came to appreciate the genius of this Human. 

I consider him to be the greatest living scientist on this pathetic planet x. In regards to Humans and Humanity his contributions far out cede those of Einstein, Oppenheimer or Teller.


Two prominent elder Human Male Primates. One functions in on open system, the other functions in a closed system.


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Comment by Bud Koss on October 30, 2016 at 8:46am

Hello Wayne,


Like you, I experienced the challenge to assimilate the trauma of childhood in my adult years.  The impact of authoritarian style of force, fear and failure was a power filled method used by adults around me.  It was college that illuminated my world of authority filled with power, courage, and accomplishment.  It was here that I learned to become aware of my humanity, not only as a european, but as part of a whole.


I’m familiar with Noam Chomsky, but not to a degree of deep understanding.  Your assertion that my european ancestry is the root of war, and our arrival to north america began the occupation of a country.  The force used to take that which was not ours, and to subjugate a people who had lived for millennia here.  Responsibility for this action rests in the Shadow of the european, and therefore is an unconscious factor in our circumstance.  Our government’s assertion of American Exceptionalism is pronouncing the conquerors pledge.  Justifying our conduct around the globe. All the while seeing ourselves as liberators rather than terrorists.


It requires a level of humility demonstrated by Noam to reveal the truth behind the fiction.  To begin living in a new story requires a new myth.  James Hillman wrote a book, “Myth of Analysis”.  He challenged me to become aware of the unconscious influence, and its impact upon both the individual and society.  If the world is to heal, humanity needs to move beyond the conceptualization of exceptionalism.  This contributes to sustaining aggression, violence and war.


Thank you for your insight, and willingness to share.


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