Depth Psychology in the World: New President Joseph Cambray on Extending the Vision for Pacifica

As the newly appointed President and CEO of Pacifica, Dr. Joseph Cambray was drawn to Pacifica in part because he perceived the powerful opportunities it offered to pursue new directions in depth psychology and to help grow depth psychology on the world stage.

Cambray observes that analytical psychology or depth psychology is in the midst of a “major paradigm shift” across all disciplines. He has been particularly drawn to complexity theory and the idea of “a new, holistic approach to systems that ultimately comes out of an ecological understanding of the world.” Depth psychology holds a unique position as a connector between inner and outer worlds, he believes—a concept that is fundamental to the nature of reality. 
Whether it's about forest ecology or the way in which the academic disciplines ultimately engage with one another, or the provenance of ideas and where they've come from, the way that becomes lived in the world requires us to look at the environment of social systems, and to realize that it’s virtually impossible to separate ourselves from the others, Cambray suggests.
“That kind of old modeling, whether it's at a cultural level or an individual level, is beginning to break down,” he maintains. “That's where depth psychology and its interest in the margins actually continues to hold a pioneering component to it. [It’s] no longer about exploring the individual psyche, but really, more of these larger connections.”
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