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Breath, Dreams, and Numinous Presence

Breath, Dreams, and Numinous Presence

     C.G. wrote, “The ego has to acknowledge many gods before it attains the centre where no god helps it any longer against any other god."  At the center of the human experience there resides an instinctual capacity to discover numinous experience so as to be regularly nourished inwardly. In order to move into this realm of psychic knowing one often confronts ego based notions regarding the nature of the numinous, that it must be confined…


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Breath, Dreams, and the Perplexed Monk

I remember witnessing a couple of old yogis before sunrise sitting in lotus position exerting themselves to rather violent extremes of breath control in order to enter into a state of bliss. They would engage in this practice while seated in this advanced yoga posture and then propel themselves into the air, landing forcefully on their perineum with the intent of generating an upward flow of kundalini energy. On the one hand, I appreciated their intensity and sincerity; however, the strain…


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Breath, Dreams, and the Unconscious


Breath, Dreams, and the Unconscious
     Breath stimulates and reflects unconscious processes. Symbolically, breath refers to spirit, the odor of sanctity or the malodorous nature of foul energy depicted in the drama of dreams. Dreaming opens doors into a total sensorial experience of one’s inner life. Quality of inhalation and exhalation in dreams are often indicative of degree of psychic depth, the smell of breath…

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Immersion and Spirit

Individuals immersed in what one colleague referred to as the “everyday crazies”, a state of more or less chronic psychic imbalance, are often suffering from an unconscious desire to experience numinous depths, a nourishing encounter with the mystic. Unfulfilled spiritual need generates intense anxiety that many take on as a day-in-day-out state of mind. Skating along the surface, from one emotional drama to another, with the attitude that this is what life is all about, can be addictive,…


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Awareness and Spirit

Awareness opens us to the spiritual world
 During one of my first Jungian psychoanalytic sessions thirty-five years ago with Dr. Arwind Vasavada, a man trained by C.G. Jung, he remarked, “awareness opens us to the spiritual world.” This insight jettisoned me into a night of dreaming in which an angelic being motioned with his right arm and beckoned me into an interior world that I had never before…

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Breath and Spirit

Practical spirituality flows with each breath.

Practical spirituality is as natural as awareness, breath, immersion in the flow of life. With each inhalation and exhalation the phenomenological reality of inspiration, spirit, makes itself felt through each and every cell, membrane, muscle fiber, overall body sensation and on into the recesses of potentially transformative psychic experience. In his classic text, The Varieties of Religious Experience, William James,…


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