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Neurosis: Daily Catastrophe Ready For Use...

"Doubt is creative if it is answered by deeds, and so is neurosis if it exonerates itself as having been a phase-a crisis which is pathological only when chronic. Neurosis is a protracted crisis degenerated into a habit, the daily catastrophe ready for use." ( C.G. Jung Letter to Arnold Kunzli March 16, 1943)

Daily catastrophe ready for use is an alarming term. Yet, we are confronted by situations each day that threaten us with anxiety, the hallmark of neurosis. If we go rigid and…


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Dreams and Special Feelings of Happiness...

In a letter of Jolande Jacobi (October 27, 1936) C.G. Jung commented, "...a dream has always to be understood under two aspects. On the one hand the historical root,  on the other the freshness of the tree. The tree is what grows in time....a look behind the scenes into the age-old processes of the human mind, which might explain your special feeling of happiness."

I recently became a grandfather. Memories of dreams for the past two years told of my transition into this stage of life.…


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Dreams: A Nightly Gift...

Each night that we dream, we're gifted. Actually, we dream multiple times nightly but only remember a few. I'm never troubled by, and encourage patients to not be worried about not recalling every specific dream. It's impossible and unnecessary.

After over thirty years of doing dreamwork I'm convinced that dreams that are meant for us to remember, we remember. The rest do their work within like psychic housekeepers that come in after hours and take care of things without being…


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