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To Live Without Reservation...

How we fuss and fret when we are stuck! We try ever so hard and seem to get nowhere. Then, we finally decide, if we have the proper sense to, to look within. Deep layers of feeling and instinct, especially dreams, can speak to us. But, above all, before we get to the point of the unconscious delivering its wisdom we must have lived with all our might, without reservation.

C.G. Jung wrote, "This is how you must live - without reservation, whether in giving or…


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Far From the Beaten Path...

C.G. Jung wrote, "The artist's relative lack of adaption turns out to his advantage; it enables him to follow his own yearnings far from the beaten path" (CW 15, 131). So seemingly easy it is to tell someone to walk their own walk, to follow their own path or to casually expect it of ourselves. A person came in for depth therapy and said, "I have to bust loose out of this family of mine. They're killing me, my soul. Whenever I'm around them I feel horrible." Little did he know what…


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Change never stops if we're conscious beings. We can potentially shut ourselves down. Usually this is done by keeping unresolved trauma unresolved, engaging in unhealthy life styles, and not wanting to face our emotions and what they have to tell us; otherwise, the chances that we'll keep growing and changing, letting go and moving on, are strong.

One commentator noted, "David Bohm is considered to be one of the most accomplished physicists of the 20th…


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