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Finding YOUR Way to Self Care

Ivanka Trump was widely panned for suggesting that busy mothers should get regular massages, because for many of us that’s just not realistic.

I myself, have never been into meditating. And if I don’t like something, I’m not going to end up doing it.

A friend says that people always tell her to slow down, but she’s a raging extrovert. Being around lots of people is what recharges her.

Self-care requires clarity about what we…


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5-week Seminar for Visionary Entrepreneurs: Unleash Source Energy

Many years ago I sat on a stool in the Art barn…


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Launch something new …and take the step that’s big enough

When people are ready to launch something new (…a workshop, a business, a creative work of art), they’ll sometimes take steps that are too small for them. This often stems from a fear of expressing their true vision. It also happens when they’re concerned about spending money on something that has an unknown outcome (…when we launch something new, we are by definition…


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When the Next Step...Isn't Visible Yet

I once had a well-known psychic tell me, “your life is like a quilt with many different pieces. It will come together a piece at a time.” 

That image has been helpful. I often get confused when I’ve finished a piece of the quilt (it’s been stitched in and there’s no more stitching to do…), and the next piece isn’t within…


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11 key metaphors for change that are present in all cultures

Metaphors function to stimulate and catalyze inner transformations.

These are eleven key metaphors for change that are present in the literature of all world cultures*:

  • Transitioning from caterpillar to butterfly
  • Awakening from the dream of reality
  • Uncovering the veils of illusion
  • Moving from captivity to liberation
  • Purification by inner fire
  • Going from darkness to light
  • Moving from fragmentation into…

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Healthy, Strong & Vital: Tapping Metaphor’s Healing Powers

When I was growing up, my mother frequently said that I was “accident prone.” Perhaps it’s because I broke my leg when I was two by “putting my foot down” when the neighbor kid was pushing four of us on a carriage swing. I wanted him to stop pushing so hard and when screaming didn’t work, I tried another tactic.

My mother was probably right, I think I’ve had more than my share of injuries and broken bones.

When I think about all the desires I have in life, having peace of mind…


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"The Power of Metaphor to Unlock Creative Genius" -- Women in Depth Podcast

On Inauguration Day in the US, I was interviewed on the Women in Depth podcast.   It was deeply symbolic for me, because intense feminine energies that have been underground for centuries have been showing up in full force in Doorway sessions these past few months. There's a whole other realm that urgently…


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A Message from the Other World

Despite my desire for zen-like calm, I've been affected by the deeply unpleasant US election and negative, hard-to-believe-this-is-the-US, stories in the news media. Sometimes I feel afraid…of nuclear war, climate change, and violence that I can't control. I worry about “what could happen.” And in addition to the national and international unrest, I have my own…


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Being Profoundly Moved by the Creative

Many years ago I sat on a stool in the Art barn at Esalen Institute painting a paper mache mask. I'd originally signed up for some sort of contemplative workshop, but found it too cerebral and ended up here.

I painted the mask magenta and then decided to paint a vine of flowers on the side. As I slowly drew a long vine down…


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Why do we need art?

I grew up in a hard working Norwegian farming family in the Midwest and not surprisingly, Midwestern practicality is etched into my cells. When I walk into an art gallery, I often marvel at the amount of time someone spent gluing hundreds or thousands of tiny pieces of glass into a sculpture or creating a fine painting. Thousands of hours in many cases, with no practical…


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Opening Space for Transformative Change

I recently met someone who is an international expert on social change movements. Over breakfast at my favorite café we talked about how successful social protests open up space in places where we think there isn’t any space. The conversation fascinated me because I’ve spent the past two years writing a book about metaphor and the creative process… But what I’m really writing about is space. Creative change happens when a certain kind of Space is opened. That’s what I do in…


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The Wise Inner Wisdom of the Fairy Tale

One way to enter into the deep symbolic language of our soul is through a fairy tale. When we write a fairy tale, the words “Once upon a time” opens up a portal to another world. We have stepped into shamanic terrain.


Every fairy tale is psychologically significant. The narrative and images that show up are metaphorical, not literal. These metaphorical images are powerful, because they’re working on all levels at once. They will show you perspectives and doors that you wouldn’t…


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Metaphoric Wisdom is Clear, Direct and Immediate

Mythologist Michael Meade describes sacred occurrences as those in which the "seal that separates the worlds" is broken and Spirit enters through that break. In…


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"Unless I love something, it cannot reveal itself to me." Rudolph Steiner

 I have a client who loves history. Before working with this client I’d never thought much about history. I like watching historical movies, but I disliked history as a subject in school and I always did poorly in it because it required memorizing information (names, dates, places) that felt dry and dead to me. But when my client talks about history, it’s anything but dry and dead. For…


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How can you make it strange?

Creativity happens when we make unusual connections…making what is familiar “strange.” We presume that certain things automatically go together—boat, duck, and water, for example. When we put unusual things together, we are in “creative” terrain. (As a silly example, ham sandwich and hair jell don’t go together…it’s a creative combination.)

When we put two paradoxical words like ham sandwich and hair jell together, the tension between the two creates a third space. Pairing two…


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Entering the Break Between the Worlds

The mythologist Michael Meade describes sacred occurrences as those in which the “seal that separates the worlds” is broken, and Spirit enters through that break. And William Blake told us, “There’s a moment of eternity waiting for you every day.”


The making of art, in any form, gives us those “moments of eternity” and “breaks” between the worlds. The creative process creates a pause, a way to drop down to a deeper level and receive guidance that we wouldn’t have…


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Instinctual Ways of Knowing

25 years ago I critically injured my spinal cord in a head-on collision on a rural highway in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I could tell that I’d broken something in my back, and I had no feeling or movement below the waist. I was subsequently airlifted to one of the best spinal trauma units in the country, where the doctors gave me less than 5% chance of walking again.…


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It's time to get off the island

Do you ever feel that there is so much more to you and you don’t know how to tap into it? Or do you spend too much time of your precious time lost in confusion and overwhelm? Here’s a quote from John O’Donohue that beautifully describes what I do in Doorway Sessions.

"Sometimes on a human journey a person can stay marooned on the surface of their minds, suffering the devastation of doubt, confusion and great turbulence, while the whole time just a couple…


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Don't Know What You're Doing? You're On the Right Track

When I started teaching professionally, I was faced with a dilemma: Present information in the conventional manner and try to look and act the part of “The Expert,” or on the other hand, honor the inspiration of my own unique creative process. I tried my best to do the first option and it didn't fit me at all. I can't follow a schedule no matter how hard I try, and I spend way too much time musing about odd things when I should be working. My mind and heart do not operate on a linear…


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Seeing creative possibility in the underworld

Three separate clients came to me recently in very dark places. One had just lost her job and felt trapped—she described herself as being in a “coffin.” The second one was a single mother with a 2-month old baby who was living in a foreign country with no support system. I saw her life as she had known it disintegrating and an image appeared of her “melting” into the earth. And the image that showed up with the third client’s story was of being caught inside a black bag, desperately trying…


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