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Barry’s Blog # 113: The Weeping Woman, Part Two

The Song

As Dia de Los Muertos approaches, we ask La LLorona to be with us in song. The haunting tale of the Weeping Woman is matched and embodied in the traditional song of the same name. Joan Baez and Lila Downs among many others have recorded it, but the most emotionally resonant version is by Chavela Vargas, who sings a portion of it to Frida Kahlo in the film Frida:…


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Barry’s Blog # 112: The Weeping Woman, Part One

The Weeping Woman — Part One

“Don’t go near the water, don’t go out at night,” mothers caution their children near the Rio Grande. They are protecting their children from a different threat than accidentally falling in; they’re talking about being snatched up or sucked in by La Llorona. She is the threatened punishment, the Hispanic boogeyman, of naughty, disobedient children. But she is more. She comes in the dark, on the wind, seeking that…


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Barry’s Blog # 25: The Background to Our Day of the Dead Ritual

When the heart weeps for what it has lost, the spirit laughs for what it has found. — West Africa

photo 1[1]

Modern people have long been aware of lacking something that neither our ideologies, nor our addictions, nor our consumerist frenzies can satisfy. Searching for it, millions have sampled Asian spirituality and discovered contemplative practices that ground their lives in authentic…


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Barry’s Blog # 110: The Myth of Immigration, Part 7 of 7

All along the U.S. / Mexico border, government agents and armed vigilantes mobilize to stop the invasion of dirty (diseased), or lazy (go on welfare), or persistent (take our jobs away), or dangerous (bad hombres) “illegal aliens.” But mostly, we build walls to keep out the Other (unless we need him or her to work in our fields, construct our buildings, watch our children and elderly, mow our lawns,…


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