Barry Spector's Blog – March 2014 Archive (5)

Barry’s Blog # 87: Blaming the Victim (Part One)

In 2014, long before the 2020 economic collapse, a friend forwarded this BBC News article: “American Dream Breeds Shame and Blame for Job Seekers”,which cited statistics claiming that 10.5 million Americans were unemployed. But in practical terms she was quite inaccurate. This was merely the number of people who were collecting weekly unemployment compensation checks.

If we were to add in those who wanted full-time…


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Barry’s Blog # 86: Male Initiation and the Mother in Greek Myth (Part Eight – Conclusion)

Part Eight – Conclusion

The story of Dionysus getting Hephaestus drunk (in Part Seven) symbolizes not literal inebriation but male initiation into a psychology where the feminine is welcome and the mother complex no longer threatens the marriage bond. Dionysus, says Murray Stein, is both the “agent and the product of initiation… the integration of feminine spirit into masculine consciousness.” The male ego co-exists with the animating feminine nature it had previously…


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Barry’s Blog # 85: Male Initiation and the Mother in Greek Myth (Part Seven)

Part Seven – Dionysus and Hephaestus


Dionysus, like Heracles, was born of Zeus and a mortal woman. Initiation motifs occur throughout his life: in his suffering, his dismemberment by the Titans, his double birth and the wound in Zeus’s thigh from which he was re-born. Like Heracles, he was persecuted and driven mad by Hera. Unlike Heracles, Dionysus was saved and protected by a series of nymphs and goddesses who became his surrogate mothers.



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Barry’s Blog # 84: Male Initiation and the Mother in Greek Myth (Part Six)

Part Six: Telemachus and Heracles


The story of Telemachus takes place within the broader context of the Odyssey, in which Odysseus experiences a series of initiations (all of them, curiously, by female figures) and evolves from a one-dimensional, heroic figure to a mature, archetypal king. Early on, the gods make repeated comparisons between Telemachus and his cousin Orestes. Neither had seen his father since infancy. Telemachus knew of Odysseus…


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Barry’s Blog # 83: Male Initiation and the Mother in Greek Myth (Part Five)

Part Five


…nothing can be sole or whole that has not been rent – Yeats

Orestes killed his mother, but Pentheus’ mother killed him. Dionysus drove the women of Thebes mad because they hadn’t respected him. His cousin, the adolescent King Pentheus, tried to imprison him and defeat the mad women, who were led by Pentheus’ mother Agave and his two aunts. In his rigidly masculine stance, the king was blind to the fact that a god (or, if…


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