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Chasing a Soul Print in the Middle of the Night

At my request, someone emailed me a section from their in process autobiography. Curious and interested, I wanted to sniff the flavor of its essence and writing style. After reading a small, poignant selection of the author’s work, I responded hastily to what I’d read. In my response, I’d used the terms soul print, and soul imprint interchangeably. This term foreign to Ed its author, was frankly upon…


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I have recently begun a blog through WordPress for friends, ,patients and others who are not on DPA. However, I intend to feature it on DPA as well. Looking forward to your responses and interfacing with you about this and other things in the near future.

Our book Images of Soul: Reimagining Astrology will be released in Kindle form very soon through Amazon Books. 

I'm loving this crisp, fast, well directed Aries energy looming ahead. At least so far! How about…


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BLOGGING WITH THE IMAGES OF SOUL #1 Keeping the Fires Burning Within


                                                    & HESTIA’S INNER DIVINITY

About a year ago, I noticed some activity within my own horoscope involving Hestia, that mythic, spiritual, virginal, asteroid goddess of the…


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HER - A film that captures love's mysteries, seen and unseen

The meeting between lover and beloved is heart to heart, like that between sculptor and model, between hand and stone. When we fall in love we begin to imagine romantically, fiercely, wildly, madly, jealously, with possessive, paranoid intensity. And when we imagine strongly, we begin to fall in love with the images conjured before the heart's eye — as when starting a project, preparing a vacation trip, planning a new…


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Cathy Pagano's well thought out, lovely description of the upcoming Aries/Libra full moon.

Hi Cathy, very sweet description of the upcoming Aries Libra full moon. And I loved that exquisite photo. 

Thanks to you I now have, Buber's I-Thou classic in one hand. And  I've begun a journal of all the qualities that I've always loved/hated in "the other," and one by one am starting to try them on and integrate them as my own! 

Of course I took another peek at the sign on my seventh house cusp in order to be reminded of what I love/hate in others and am now preparing to go…


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