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Internship as Hazing/Indentured Servitude

I'm an MFT Intern in California--graduated Pacifica 2004, MA Counseling Psych. I love the work I do with clients and consider it an honor to share the journey with other human beings. But it has been a struggle for survival as a single parent--managing nearly 20 hours a week in an unpaid internship on top of 32+ weekly hours at my "day job". Typical work days are 12-14 hours for me with little time for myself, and the financial pressure has been intense. And I know there are many of us engaged… Continue

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Opposites, the Creative Instinct, and Our Unique Identity, article by Lawrence H. Staples

article by Lawrence H. Staples

the problem of the opposites

Jung recognized that the problem of the opposites is one of the most formidable obstacles to psychic integration. Even when we are able to integrate opposites there remains substantial tension between them. If the integration is so complete that the opposites literally merge, consciousness, as we know it, disappears. Consciousness of…

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Embodying the Power of the Storm

A terrapsychological exploration into my relationship with storms and water.

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The Fisher King resurrects another Jungian Classic: DIVINE MADNESS

Now Available from Fisher King Press

Divine Madness: Archetypes of Romantic Love

By John R. Haule

ISBN… Continue

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New institute to tackle consciousness using neuroscientists, philosphers and more

This comes out of the UK. Click here

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Sensitive people not all influenced by culture as reported by a new study

Could this suggest that emotional responses are deeply rooted in older brain structures? Very interesting piece of research, click here for more.

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The Ego tunnel: when philosophy of mind meets neuroscience to explore consciousness -- By Thomas Metzinger

Absolutely fascinating interview of Dr Metzinger on the Brain Science Podcast. Follow this link to download the podcast\. You can even download the transcript of the intervew by clicking…


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“the psychological problem of today is a spiritual problem, a religious problem . . .” —C.G. Jung

“the psychological problem of today is a spiritual problem, a religious problem . . .”…

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What is Depth Psychology?

What is YOUR definition of Depth Psychology???

Here's (the beginning of) mine:

Depth psychology, a term first coined by Swiss psychiatrist, Eugene Bleuler, around the end of the 1800’s, has its beginnings in the work of Sigmund Freud and

another Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Gustav Jung, along with Pierre Janet

and William James. Depth Psychology explores the hidden or deeper parts

of human experience by seeing things in depth rather than taking them

apart.… Continue

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