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Broken-hearted, lost in a labyrinth, encountering angels

PSYCHOLOGICAL LIFE begins in the imagination. That’s one reason I have a sign in my office, dangling from the mantel, that asks clients if they have a dream to share or if something unusual happened since their last session.

The latter — odd, sometimes surreal experiences — often communicate at great depth what…


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Barry’s Blog # 78: Evolution of A Song, Part Two

2 – Reframing

Myths can change when we begin to consider (“to be with the stars”) our unconscious attention to the stories we have been telling ourselves about ourselves. This can be a painful process; perhaps that’s why it is called paying attention. And this process may require that we counter the voracious god of Time, or Kronos, by slowing down our unconscious responses to the parade of both mental (internal) and environmental (external) imagery that…


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Waning 2013 and Dark Nights

The old slip of moon rose this morning, the Valley Oaks backlit by the beginnings of Dawn. It is the end of 2013, the darkest time of the year.

I admit: I love the dark, a time that it is easier to live inward. The plants are quiet,…


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Where Do We Find God?

Watched a wonderful Nova program on PBS last night.  Scientists explained how the great Gothic cathedrals were designed and built.

The program proved more than fascinating.  The scientists helped me understand the effect these massive, light-filled structures had on medieval townspeople.  Instead of the familiar dark, dank stone structure of the period, they entered a…


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Happy Holidays and Newness Always!

Happy Holidays to all my depth colleagues! I had to pass on this lovely note from Micheal Eigen. He sent it out on Christmas morning. I was reading it, read it aloud to my family as we were having coffee, and getting ready for posole and tamales...a New Mexico breakfast on this fine morning. We were all moved by the inspiration, so I thought I'd pass it on. Have a wonderful ending to the year and beginning to newness ahead!

Added by Paul DeBlassie III on December 25, 2013 at 9:49am — 3 Comments

Play and the Mystery of the Present

Play is the highest form of research.– Albert Einstein

If it is important even for our survival on the planet to relearn re-entering the Mystery of the Present, what serves this end?

This question is one I contemplate this season as the dark comes before 5 in the evening and…


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Happy Winter Solstice 2013

Here's a ritual from one of my favourite teachers, Robert Wilkinson of AquariusPapers

'Whether you're in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere, there is a special [Winter Solstice] ceremony I do each year that yields some fairly spectacular results. This is not a very elaborate ritual, but it's very powerful in its simplicity.

The Solstices mark points of transition from an old "half year" of the Sun…


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Gathering the Light this Winter Solstice - Remembering V. Walter Odajnyk

by Dennis Patrick Slattery

As I finish reading Walter Odajnyk's…

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Why I Believe in Santa Claus

Santa greeting children and adults alike in Petaluma,…

Added by Patricia Damery on December 19, 2013 at 6:30am — 5 Comments

Holiday Frenzies, Winter Mysteries, and the Feminine Soul!

The mystery of the feminine unifies life. Holiday stress takes away from sense of self and well being. Feminine mystery is a sacred order imbued into existence, a far cry from the outer, masculine, rush rush of holiday season buying and meeting up and dysfunctional family gatherings. Sacredness, respected and honored in daily life, turns us within, to soul. Contrary to holiday frenzies, winter, a time of retreat, takes us into soul mysteries. It's a call into an interior cave,…


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Joan Fontaine, Rebecca & the Shadow

Who hasn't seen - and loved - Joan Fontaine in Rebecca? The news of Fontaine's passing on Sunday immediately brought to mind that amazing role she played.

As the second unnamed wife of Laurence Olivier's Maxim De Winter, Fontaine's heroine tiptoed around Manderley startled by shadows,…


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Letting Go of the Way We Wish Things Would Be

Letting go of the way we wish things ideally would be can lead

to more human development than the ideals themselves
article by Lawrence H.…

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Abundant Life: A Christmas Story

My departure from organized religion began when I realized “eternal life” was “abundant life”— spiritually abundant. At the moment of epiphany I was sitting on the stage near the altar of our old country church, drafted to play the part of Virgin Mary in the annual nativity pageant. As every year before, the main players, Mary, Joseph, the baby Jesus (the newest born in the congregation), some shepherds, wise men, and an angel, had paraded down the…

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In Search of Puella - The Cosmic Vibration and Alchemy

“The earthly sounds of all atomic motion, including the sounds of the body—the heart, lungs, circulation, cellular activity—come from the cosmic sound of the creative vibratory activity of Aum. The sounds of the nine octaves perceptible to the human ear, as well as all cosmic low or high vibrations that cannot be registered by the human ear, have their origin in Aum.” ~ from the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda

There is something I am learning about in the alchemy which…


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Barry’s Blog # 77: Evolution of a Song, Part One

Part 1 – Framing

I want to tell you about a tune and how it has evolved. Most American men above the age of fifty who grew up watching John Wayne movies are familiar with this melody without knowing its name, let alone its history. Here it is:

Recognize it? The tune is called “Garryowen,” and it has been featured as a military marching song in several movies,…


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Valerian and Light

Burrrrrr!!!!! (Okay,  I know, some of you are much colder!

But we…

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Working with Beliefs Reflected in Liquid Crystal

The link below leads to an article published in the 2013 IASI Yearbook (International Association of Structural Integrators). It comes out of an ongoing attempt to understand how belief systems and complexes shape the body; and it is based on the author's experience in approaching psyche from the body as a DFA (Duggan/French Approach) practitioner to Somatic Pattern Recognition…


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Blessed Greenness


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Young Dream

Can't remember when I wrote this poem based on a dream. But ran across it today in my piles. Hope you enjoy. 

Young Dream

Doctor Jung comes to

visit me in a dream.

he looks younger. Not like

Felix Unger or some


but more like Vic Morrow

or my Uncle Ray.

his 1950's crew-cut reminds

me of…


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Awakening the Divine Feminine!

The divine feminine entrances me. The term, the concept, the energy sends me into a trance state of altered perception, consciousness, insight. I know when it happens because there's a quality of leaving behind disconnected ways of thinking and being. Rather than, logic, control, dominance being in charge, I'm more open to intuition, flow, interconnections. This is the living energy of the divine feminine.

The divine feminine shows up in dreams and in cultural…


Added by Paul DeBlassie III on December 5, 2013 at 9:03am — No Comments

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