September 2013 Blog Posts (7)

Does therapy have an image problem?

There's a brief and intriguing article in today's New York Times, asserting that psychotherapy has an image problem. Whether the author is being deliberately provocative or not, I like the article for the conversation it has generated - and in particular, this response, from a practising psychologist in Pittsburgh: 

'In reality, psychotherapy is nothing like a drug.…


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Jung and Pauli

To write my Jung book, a critical examination of Jung's thought from an educator's point of view, I'm rereading him, including Psychology and Alchemy. Perhaps because of the topic, Jung ignores the wealth of Norse mythic imagery in Wolfgang ("Path of a Wolf") Pauli's dreams. Some seem to be about his personal myth, which could be the one-handed war god Tyr. Things often broke around Pauli ("the…

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Useful are, Invented Dreams

The careening arrow of time, relentlessly moves on, and I, the surprised passenger, catapult along, happy to be.

    While sitting in converse with another, I gave a fancifully brief, "invented" dream to make a point about the non-temporal overview that seems to manifest in dreams and creative activities. It (the invented dream) was "made up" on the spot, but it reminded me that this is an ever present process, this upwelling from the unconscious and realms beyond, which we (I) tend to…


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Entering the Break Between the Worlds

The mythologist Michael Meade describes sacred occurrences as those in which the “seal that separates the worlds” is broken, and Spirit enters through that break. And William Blake told us, “There’s a moment of eternity waiting for you every day.”


The making of art, in any form, gives us those “moments of eternity” and “breaks” between the worlds. The creative process creates a pause, a way to drop down to a deeper level and receive guidance that we wouldn’t have…


Added by Kim Hermanson, Ph.D. on September 14, 2013 at 8:00pm — 2 Comments

Empathy and Addiction: A Quest for Connection

How is the individual to embrace an empathetic approach towards an individualized occurrence of addiction? Just as there are a variety of ways in how one might define empathy, there too is both a complex and chaotic understanding of addiction. Addiction is an emotionally charged experience for the world as a whole, which includes the individual as well. Our understanding of addiction, our emotional biases, our understanding of its existence, etc., provides a…


Added by Erik J. Welsh, PhD on September 14, 2013 at 7:24pm — No Comments

Life Before Repentance

Life before repentance

I have been re-visiting Judaism this past year, reflecting on what is deeply meaningful in the rituals, stories and traditions of my ancestors. Jung’s comments that rituals and dogma exist to contain both elements of awe and fear in face of the unknown stir me powerfully. (Jung ) We need a container that will allow us to experience the numinosum and be related to it without being destroyed. Yet those very rituals and dogma can lose their power over time and… Continue

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Barry’s Blog #71: The Con-Man, An American Archetype, Part Three


Don’t follow leaders; watch the parking meters. – Bob Dylan

We won’t get fooled again! – The Who

Trickster figures appear in the myths of most indigenous cultures: Coyote, Raven, Iktomi, Elegba, Papa Legba, Hermes, Mercury, Eshu, Loki, Wakdjunga, the Signifying Monkey, Brer Rabbit, Huehuecóyotl, Puck, Maui, Kokopelli, Hanuman, Leprechaun, Nasruddin, Tanuki, Baubo,…


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