August 2017 Blog Posts (6)

Brothers and Sisters: Friends or Foes? Oh, My!


By Carol S. Pearson


Most of us get little help in navigating sibling relationships or seeing how they affect us. Recently, I was asked to give a presentation on sisters and brothers and found there is very little written about this important topic. Even family system literature focuses more on parents and addressing…


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Horses, Hestia and Guinevere: Mythological Perspectives for Everyday Life

Janet Bubar Rich became fascinated by horses in myth and legend when she was working on her Ph.D. in Mythological Studies at Pacifica Graduate Institute.

In her book, “Riding on Horses' Wings, Bubar Rich” explores how horses inspire soulful imagination, and investigates how historical and mythological love of horses has, in our technological age,…


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Relationships That Sustain

So often we look at how relationships trip us up. It’s easy to overlook how they also sustain us. If we are isolated, without meaningful connection and intimacy, we’re tripped up in life. If we have that one other person who knows us and wants to continue to know us, we’re wealthy and very much in the midst of finding our way.

Dreams speak to us of relating. Our inner life is reflected in the quality of our outer relationships. A person dreamed of having sex with a foul human being.…


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Holding the Tension: One Woman’s Journey from Immigrant to Therapist—Interview with Naris Kesheshe

Sharing my newest audio interview and summary article:

Part of the challenge for Naris Kesheshe, who immigrated from Iran to the U.S. when she was 13, was her desire to maintain her original cultural identity and roots, while at the same time living in a society that held very different values. 

When she ultimately discovered …


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Dreams, Calling, Suffering, and Individuation: Finding Light in the Darkness

Listen to a new audio interview or read a detailed summary article of “Dreams, Calling, Suffering, and Individuation: Finding Light in the Darkness” with Jungian Analyst and New Pacifica Core Faculty Member, Fanny Brewster: …


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Wild Soul Resurrection: When Women Rise Rooted

Last week I visited a favorite “soul’s place of resurrection”, hiking the Tennessee Valley trail in Marin County to the beach. Author Sharon Blackie defines such a place as one where a soul is happiest on earth and, at the same time, most in touch with all that is eternal. It was a magical, breathtaking clear sky day where I watched a blue heron stand poised, present, patient at the edge of the blackwater pond spotted with bright green islands of plants. The water broke and rippled as an…


Added by Marilyn S. Steele, Ph.D. on August 4, 2017 at 12:46pm — No Comments

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