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It's time to get off the island

Do you ever feel that there is so much more to you and you don’t know how to tap into it? Or do you spend too much time of your precious time lost in confusion and overwhelm? Here’s a quote from John O’Donohue that beautifully describes what I do in Doorway Sessions.

"Sometimes on a human journey a person can stay marooned on the surface of their minds, suffering the devastation of doubt, confusion and great turbulence, while the whole time just a couple…


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Seeing the Shadow: The Importance of Depth Psychology in Leadership—An Interview with David A. Laveman & Bonnie Bright for Depth Insights™

In this written interview, Depth Insights™ host Bonnie Bright interviews David A. Laveman, …


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Barry's Blog # 61: An Attempt at a Conversation

A few days after Edward Snowden revealed the NSA’s secret – and criminal – surveillance programs, an old friend of mine posted on Facebook that Snowden was a “traitor” who’d done irreparable damage to American security and should be punished most severely.

I was stunned that Leda, who’d participated fully in the political, cultural, racial, sexual, spiritual and pharmacological upheavals of the 1960s and 70s, should feel that way. I posted a quote:

They who can give up…


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News Update

Since my last correspondence a very long time ago, I felt an update to be in order.  At that time I had announced my retirement.  That lasted through 2012 but, since January, 2013, I am "unretired."  During 2012, I had a second hip replaceement, my husband had a patch put on his aorta and I received a Pacemaker and two new hearing aids.  Now, I feel "up to snuff" and am seeing clients for Sandplay Therapy and supervision of sandplay for professionals.  I have also added "Skype" so I feel…


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Soul Care and a Happy Mind!

Soul care yields a happy mind. After over thirty years of professional practice in depth psychology and over forty years of personal dream tending, I've come to the conclusion that caring for the soul takes us into a strange realm of contentment and well being. Happiness of this sort is not common. Soul care requires patient and tender devotion to the psyche. As we cultivate such devotion through sensitivity to self and others and by consistent dream tending, there comes a gentle but…


Added by Paul DeBlassie III on June 9, 2013 at 2:17pm — 1 Comment

Holding the Opposites, Grounding in Earth to Cope with Difficult Times

When we are not grounded, not connected to our roots, terrible psychic issues occur, which lead to feelings of intense fear and anxiety suggests Jungian analyst Judith Harris, in her book Jung and Yoga: The Psyche Body Connection. She quotes C. G. Jung, who, in his complex work, Mysterium Coniunctionus, establishes that the element of earth holds the exact central point between the tensions of two…


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Breath, Heavenly Wanderings, and The Unholy!

Breath, heavenly wanderings, and The Unholy (Sunstone Press/Release Date August 2013) fit together just as natural spiritual openings that are blocked generate toxic backup. My depth psychological colleague, Michael Eigen, author of The Psychoanalytic Mystic, shared with me the following quote by Chuang Tzu: "All things that have consciousness depend upon breath. But if they do not get their fill of breath, it is not the fault of heaven. Heaven opens up the passages and…


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