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Transcending Narcissism - a timely and innovative expose by contemporaryJungian psychoanalyst, Ken Kimmel

Eros and the Shattering Gaze: Transcending Narcissism With Great Pleasure Fisher King Press announces the publication of:

Eros… Continue

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Book Review: Four Eternal Women: Tony Wolff Revisited: A Study of Opposites

Four Eternal Women: Tony Wolff revisited: A Study of Opposites, by Mary Dian Molton and Lucy Anne Sikes (Fisher King Press, 2011) amplifies Toni Wolff’s paper, “Structural Forms of the Feminine Psyche (1934).” The model uses Wolff’s quaternity of archetypal patterns of women’s development: the personally related modes of Mother (Mary, mother of Jesus), and its opposite, Hetaira (pattern Tony Wolff lived out with C. G. Jung); and the other pole of the impersonally related: Amazon Woman…


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We Are More ThanWe Think

If we take notice of many of the things that we do each day, such as:  getting up a little later than we planned, breaking something that was valuable or very meaningful, or losing things that we kept in special places that we were attached to, or have thoughts that we try to avoid, or run into someone unexpectedly , or do things that we thought that we couldn’t do?  Much of this comes from the unknown regions of our subconscious.  We need to understand that the subconscious holds an…


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A Ravenous Dragon

The soul is affected physically by choices we make and by the desires, the ones that keep us bound, and makes an imprint.  Many of our illnesses are brought on by the repressions,  called our Shadow by Carl Jung, which are the things we dislike about ourselves, or know that we have a potential for, but try to keep hidden within our psyche.  The soul records all of these things and causes us havoc if we do not come to terms with them.  Carl Jung once said speaking of ancient Greek Mythology: …


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Father's Day

Today is Father's Day and according to Archetypal or Depth Psychology we carry energy traits from our ancestors within our psyche.  This might revert back many generations, so we have these energies that come to the surface at times and also can influence our thinking in many ways.  Many of us think that our parents didn't bring us up right, but they walked in all of the light that they had.  I'm very thankful that my parents did the best they knew how, and here I am making decisions and… Continue

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The Bible and the Sword

Another excerpt from a Thomas Moore book which definitely agrees with my understanding:  "People caught in the extremes of spirituality don't want to hear that it can be source of evil.  It is of the nature of spirit not to be self reflective.  It tends towards action and literalism.  It takes it's own imagination of reality as plain fact and angrily defends those facts.  And so spirituality often has two layers of defensiveness - a belligerent attack on those who don't agree, backed up by a…


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The Self

My morning thoughts took me to Carl Jung's process of "Individuation" and the similarities of many of the World's great thinkers and the various religions.  The process of finding the core of being seems to be in most of the basic themes, and immediately one realizes that their outward personality does not match this inner Self.  The process then starts diminishing the importance the of the ego and then works towards understanding the Self, or Center of Being, and in turn, starts bringing this… Continue

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Myth and Metaphor

One of my favorite excerpts from the Mary Watkins book " Waking Dreams": " We have skillfully tried to strain the mythical from the scientific, the imaginary from the real, metaphor from matter.  We have used science to tell us just what "reality" really is and we have taken our scissors of reason and accordingly trimmed into the waste basket the apparently superfluous and contradictory.  We have chased the gods from the stones, the animals, and the heavens in the hope that we will be left with… Continue

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Emergence and Synchronicity

This is my first post on this site and as a newcomer, I'm excited to find so many lovers of depth psychology!

I am a doctoral student at Fielding Graduate University not far from Pacifica.My main research interest concerns the evolution of consciousness, and more specifically how consciousness manifests reality. This has led me to a study of the phenomena of emergence and some interesting work by Jungian analysts George Hogenson and Joe Cambray on archetypes and symbols as a function…


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From Electronics To Jung

  In earlier years I designed and made several kinds of electronic brainwave devices to entrain the brain into slower frequencies for use in meditation.  At that time I developed a tens unit that would go into the gigahertz region between 54 and 74 gigahertz for Dr.C.Norman Shealy. This region of frequencies are the same as the DNA molecule and was tested for several healing and regenerative applications.  He still uses the device and many have benefited from it. 

  I finally put most…


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