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Eco-sadism: Why are we Torturing the Planet? by Douglas Thomas, Ph.D.

In 1990, the renowned depth psychologist and author Thomas Moore published a book entitled Dark Eros: The imagination of sadism. In this book, Moore offers a series of extraordinary insights into the deeper aspects of sadism that regard our darker nature as a reflection of the soul. It is this relationship between sadism and nature that I’d…


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Islamophobia in America: A Case Study of the Scapegoat Archetype

Islamophobia in America: A Case Study

of the Scapegoat Archetype  

"A majority may not impose its religious values on others, nor limit minority religious rights. The fact that a majority of Americans do not share the beliefs…


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Limitless Growth, the Destructive Myth of our Times: Part One of a Report on a Talk Given by Dr. Vandana Shiva

The idea of limitless growth is the most destructive myth of our times, began Dr. Vandana Shiva, in her inspiring plenary talk at “Climates of Change and a Therapy of Ideas,” Pacifica’s recent 40th anniversary conference held on the Ladera campus in Santa Barbara, CA.

Vandana Shiva, who trained as a physicist at the University of Western Ontario, Canada, is Founder and Director of the Research Foundation for Science, Technology, and Ecology and for Navdanya, the…


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Post One: Introduction (Bipolar One Personality)

I have joined this site because I would like to communicate some of the extreme experiences I now feel free to relate to others.

I am approaching seventy years of existing in whatever this is.

I am a retired secondary school…


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"The Roaring of the Sacred River and the Global Dream Initiative" by Amy Beth Katz

He was Busy Mouse, Searching Everywhere, Touching his Whiskers to the Grass, and Looking. He was Busy as all Mice are, Busy with Mice things. But Once in a while he would Hear an Odd Sound. He would Lift his Head, Squinting hard to See, his Whiskers Wiggling in the air, and he would Wonder.

So begins the ancient story of Jumping Mouse and the Sacred River, an Amerindian story, published in Seven Arrows (1976) and handed down by Cheyenne Elder…


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Breaking Jungian Psychology out of the ghetto of intellectual containment and into the literary and civilizational mainstream.

A book review of Evan Hanks book A Mid-Life Perspective: Conversations with the Unconscious: A Subjective Study of Science, Religion, and Consciousness

Individuation, the blossoming of individuality, is one of the major themes of Jungian psychology. Jung’s empirical observations of his own and his patients’ interactions with the unconscious contents of the psyche led him to conclude that…


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Wooing and Doing: Getting Active with all Your Relations

...Whether confronting, petitioning, courting, speaking more directly or wooing, the theme here when walking one step in front of the other into a quest for new consciousness, healing and wholeness, is that this is a relationship we are entering and engaging—and thus we proceed accordingly. So by all means introduce yourself!  Give thanks, inquire with patience, persistence, grace and humility. Perhaps with impatience?! Make a plea, offer a prayer, lament the distance you feel between…


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The Healing Stone: Dream Tending the Anima Mundi and the World Dream —By Barbara Bain

Medicine person Wanbli Mato, (Frank) Eagle Bear, tended to the extraordinary healing of thousands of people in his lifetime with the ritual use of sacred stones. These stones, material embodiments of the Anima Mundi, or Soul of the World, he carried in various places inside his own body, and were the prima materia with which he channeled healing…


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Lie la Lie- Lie

rummaging through the dust bins I found this poem based on a dream, which I wrote almost 2 years ago. At the time the ending didn't fit or feel quite right.

Perhaps evidence that feelings like language or dreams are not static ? Yet there is something also eternal.

Almost two years later this ending feels more accurate/complete. Maybe that is as good as "it" gets?




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Entering the Spirit of the World

Between 21st and 24th April this year, I attended the conference ‘Climates of Change and the Therapy of Ideas’ held at the Pacifica Graduate Institute, Santa Barbara, California.

The conference featured a number of philosophically and psychologically oriented speakers who have…


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Projection: You Are My Mirror and I Am Yours

(This is a blog post I wrote for the Jung Society of Utah, and can be found in its entirety here.)

Projections change the world into the replica of one’s own unknown face.”

– C.G. Jung

Projections are images we have of others, which are generated by the psyche and based in our own fears, desires, impulses, and unresolved issues, most of which are unconscious.…


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Barry’s Blog # 166: Kind of a Circle, Part Four

Part Four – 1999 to the Present

The man who crawled under a hail of bullets in 1992 to save the Sarajevo Haggadah is profoundly sad. He says Bosnian culture survived the war, but he’s not sure it can survive the peace. Enver Imamovic doesn’t know what the fate of the Haggadah will be, and he knows that the government doesn’t care.

The 1995 peace agreement that ended the Bosnian war split the nation along ethnic lines into two semi-autonomous parts linked by a…


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The Anthropocentric Effect

"Overwhelming evidence found by an international team of scientists have shown that humans have altered the Earth to the point that the Earth has entered a new geological time period, a press release by the Australian National University (ANU) said on Friday... The exact starting date of the Anthropocene remains uncertain, although it is likely to be around the middle of the 20th century, at the start of the nuclear age and a time of accelerating population growth and rapid…


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Ecotherapy: Nature Reconnection as a Powerful, Transformational Healing Practice: A Short Interview with Linda Buzzell

Ecotherapy: Nature Reconnection as a Powerful, Transformational Healing Practice: A Short Interview with Linda Buzzell

by Bonnie Bright


If the name, Linda Buzzell, sounds familiar to you, it’s no surprise—particularly if you are moved as I am by the growing ecological crisis that is unfolding around…


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A theory of Psychic Parasitism

If we take the alchemical maxim "As Above, So Below" seriously, we should be able to find correlations between the structure of the psyche and other natural systems. This should also apply for the domain we call the shadow.  In my own work I have extrapolated the biological relationship profile we call parasitism onto the shadow of the psyche and found great similarities.  The active component of the shadow can be seen in terms of parasitic relationships.  Here is a video where I lay out…


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Ecotherapist Linda Buzzell, Panel Presentation for "Earth, Climate, Dreams"—A Summary

In a short presentation as a panelist for “Earth, Climate, Dreams,” an online event hosted by Depth Psychology Alliance that took place in April 2016, Linda Buzzell, MA, MFT, shared some insights into the power of “daytime dreams” and working to develop eco-resilience in the face of challenging times. I found Linda's…


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Barry’s Blog # 165: Kind of a Circle, Part Three

PART THREE: 1994 to 1999

Mira Papo, now an Israeli citizen, had been wracked by guilt ever since 1946 for not having appeared at the show trial of the man who had saved her life, Dervis Korkut. During the breakup of Yugoslavia and the siege of Sarajevo from 1992 to 1996, Israel offered temporary shelter to Bosnian refugees. It was likely one of them who left behind an out-of-date newsletter that she came across in Jerusalem. It was printed in Serbo-Croatian…


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Contentment, Soul, the Depths of Nature...

First thing this afternoon, a person reported the following dream: "I was speaking to a lovely woman who appeared out of the forest. She walked out, stark naked. We sat on the ground, under the tall pines with sunlight streaming through the branches. During our conversation, which I didn't remember upon waking, I was moved to tears. We were intimate in our conversation and in our presence. I awoke utterly content.

CG Jung wrote, "The 'child' is born out of the womb of the unconscious,…


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The Passionate Feminine



For over thirty-six years, we have gathered to celebrate the Passover, a re-telling of the Hebrew peoples’ crossing the desert into the Promised Land of milk and honey.  We read the Haggadah, we drink the wine, pass the matzo, flick the plagues off our fingers like an Italian curse gesture.  We sing Dayenu, the song that voices the wonder of any small act to be sufficient for knowing God’s abundant love and grace to us, the people who follow the law.  The…


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Success Rules in Flux: Evidence from a Confounding Political Year

I’m visiting with friends and one of them asks, “What is going on? Is this America? On one side, we have a candidate for president of the United States whose fans love him for saying racist and misogynistic things, for wanting to round up a minority religious group, and who says that torture and the use of nuclear weapons are on the table for use. On the other, we…


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