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Individuation and the Conflict of Opposites

This selection from, A Mid-Life Perspective: Conversations With The Unconscious, picks up on page 78 with the Oddly Shaped Man (the conscious standpoint) struggling under the tension of opposites. Along with repressed emotions, the pressures of new, creative contents from the unconscious increase the momentum of the individuation process, now perceived as an "alien will" as ego is openly confronted with the demand for wholeness...…

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Barry’s Blog # 94: The Spell of the Mother, Part One of Two

Part One: Spells and Curses

The Scottish Rite Temple, San Francisco, 1988: I remember the first time I heard Robert Bly tell the story of Iron John.  I remember when the hero learns of a key that can unlock the cage that imprisons the wild man. And I remember the groans that escaped from a thousand men upon hearing that the key was under his…


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Just Published - Shared Realities: Participation Mystique and Beyond

Shared Realities: Participation Mystique and Beyond (Mark Winborn, Editor) is now available for purchase. Shared Realities brings together Jungian analysts and psychoanalysts from across the United States, the United Kingdom, and France. Jung's concept of participation mystique is used as a starting point for an in depth exploration of 'shared realities' in the analytic setting and beyond. The clinical, narrative, and theoretical discussions move through such…


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How Many Climate Scientists Does It Take?--Media, Perception, and Soul Loss

American psychiatrist Robert J. Lifton identifies our very human tendency to ignore difficult realities and overwrite them with thoughts and beliefs that are more palatable as "psychic numbing." This allows our ego to distract itself enough that it doesn’t have to engage with inner and outer voices and images and movements that…


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Trauma Clots and Secret Places!

Traumatized people need hope! Their life depends on it. Without hope, the psyche flounders, atrophies, may leave, die out. When psyche dies out, we're left literally feeling lifeless, loveless, soulless. It's a sad situation; but, a remedy is in the offing. The god of hope, Hermes, stands on the sidelines, awaiting our call.

Soul needs to be open to hope. Mind needs to be open to hope. Soul is the deep unconscious, a profound repository of hope.…


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Excerpt From A Mid-Life Perspective:

This excerpt from A Mid-Life Perspective: Conversations With The Unconscious begins Part One following the Prologue:                                     

                                         The Mid-life Process

The mid-life transition begins with a confusing influx of unconscious...…


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Barry’s Blog # 93: Sacrilicious! Part Two

Part Two

Montreal Photographers Make Food Dangerously Alluring. Take A Bite At Your Own Risk. – Magazine advertisement

What a perfectly silly, ambiguous and terrifying word, both a combination of “sacrilegious” with “delicious” and also implying nearly unlimited commercial possibilities! Only in America! (more on that below.) The word has been part of the lexicon at least since Homer Simpson uttered it in 1994. I invite…


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Barry’s Blog # 92: Sacrilicious! (Part One of two)


 Part One of Two

I may be going to hell in a bucket, babe. But at least I’m enjoying the ride.

–  TheGrateful Dead

Denied access to our cultural consciousness, the goddess Aphrodite has cast a spell over the diminished imagination of Western culture, reappearing in images of the female body. Since we can no longer find her in ourselves, since we can no…


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Body Wisdom Spain


III International Congress Body Wisdom Spain "Vital connections: the Essential Function of Fascia in Movement and Structure", June 6-7, in Benicassim, Spain

I will talk about

  • Towards a fuller understanding of the interaction between myofascial tone and water – Working with beliefs reflected in liquid cristal…

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Buddha's birthday

The other day I found these words in my heart, wanting to be written:

Barcelona, May 1, 2014

In a few days it will be Buddha Sok Ga Mo Ni’s birthday. As this joyous occasion is drawing near, this year, Queen Maya keeps coming to mind. 

In my work as a DFA practitioner of Somatic Pattern Recognition and Archetypal Pattern Analysis, I have the chance to observe the patterns that evolve out of the…


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